12 Essential Tips To A Professional Business Website

Written by Evelyn Lim

Here are 12 Essential Tips to a Professional Business Website:

1. Choose a big enough font size. A size 12 is good for easy readability.

2. Maintain a consistent look on your pages. Userepparttar same fonts, navigation bar, general layout, colour scheme, etc. You want to create a “congruous” experience for your visitor by being consistent.

3. Breakrepparttar 140789 content of your landing webpage into more than one table. Many makerepparttar 140790 mistake of putting all their content into one table. This may take forever to load.

Try putting just your headlines into a separate table right onrepparttar 140791 top, withrepparttar 140792 rest of your content in a second table that follows. So when your visitor arrives onrepparttar 140793 landing page,repparttar 140794 table withrepparttar 140795 headlines will come on first.

Note that this trick does not reducerepparttar 140796 size of your file as a whole or make your entire sales content load faster. It just createsrepparttar 140797 illusion of this happening. Your visitor can at least take a couple of seconds to readrepparttar 140798 first table of headlines whilerepparttar 140799 second content-rich table loads. After scanning throughrepparttar 140800 top headlines,repparttar 140801 second table is ready for him or her to continue reading.

4. It is preferable to have a white or light coloured background. Black text on such a background stands out better.

5. Have lots of white space on your sales letter. Don’t clutter up your page with too much information and images. You want your pages to go easy onrepparttar 140802 eyes.

Google Patent Application - Seo Highlights

Written by Halstatt Pires

The recent patent application filed by Google details numerous itemsrepparttar search engine uses to rank web pages. The specific application is summarized as:

“A method for scoring a document, comprising: identifying a document; obtaining one or more types of history data associated withrepparttar 140788 document; and generating a score forrepparttar 140789 document based onrepparttar 140790 one or more types of history data.”

The patent application sheds significant light for those pursuing search engine optimization with Google. Patent applications can be difficult to understand, so following are highlights that you should consider for your SEO efforts.

Update Your Site

Updating your site is important when it comes to maximizing your rankings on Google. In addition torepparttar 140791 manipulation of keyword density and meta tags,repparttar 140792 patent application reveals that Google places significant value on how often your content is updated. The more often you update,repparttar 140793 timely and relevant your site will appear to Google. In turn, this leads to higher rankings.

To appease mighty Google, considerrepparttar 140794 following plan of action:

1. Update pages frequently,

2. Add new pages to your site,

3. Interlinkrepparttar 140795 new pages with others on your site, and

4. Add new pages on a weekly basis instead of all at once.

When Google returns torepparttar 140796 site, you want to make sure that there is new content. The high rankings of blog sites are evidence of this approach.

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