11 Ways To Increase Forums Activites

Written by Pinyo Bhulipongsanon

Getting people to post in your forum is probablyrepparttar hardest thing to do. First, not all of your readers will post messages. In fact, only a small percentage will post regularly, and most will never post at all. Second, nobody want to berepparttar 136026 first person to post a message. In fact, topic starters (people that start new topic of discussion) will be a small percentage of your posters;repparttar 136027 rest will simply reply to topics that have been started.

In order to getrepparttar 136028 forum to a point where it is self-sustaining, you will have to do a lot of work. Here are some tips that you can use to get your forum rolling:

If nobody will start a post, start it yourself

Register yourself as several members (you with multiple identities) and talk to yourself. (Note that this will not work in forum with logged IP). This will create enough "seed" posts to get people to read and perhaps add replies of their own.

Find topics that interest people

If you get a mental block and cannot find anything interesting to talk to yourself about, then go to other web sites and see what people in those communities are talking about in their forums. You can also look at usenet newsgroups. Digest these ideas and regurgitate them using your various identities.

Advertise your forums relentlessly

Make sure your forum is accessible from every page of your site, particularlyrepparttar 136029 index page. Makerepparttar 136030 link highly visible, or outright talk about it onrepparttar 136031 home page. Add a link to your web site and forum as part of your email, usenet and forum signature. Frequent other forums and mention your site and forum from time to time (be careful to comply to their rules and not to spam).

Use your forums to support your web site

You can ask your visitors "What do you think about this article?" (or tool, tutorial, etc.) and ask them to post their comments inrepparttar 136032 forums. Additionally, use it as part of your customer support program. For instance, I use our web site forums to support our free PHP scripts.

Use your forums to annouce new changes to your site

This is a great way to make announcement because people can write their thoughts aboutrepparttar 136033 new feature (or article) you've just added.

Find allies

There are many webmasters that haverepparttar 136034 exact same delimas as yours. Look for sites with empty or low traffic forums and email these webmasters. Offers to join their forums and post a few messages, then ask them if they can return yourepparttar 136035 same favor. If they want to know why you are bothering them, ask them to read this article.

A Painless Plagiarism Solution

Written by David Walker

A crowded marketplace can lead to unethical webmasters using underhand techniques to get ahead of their competitors and online plagiarism is one ofrepparttar easiest.

I had worked hard onrepparttar 135855 copy for my sales page at Watch Live Football (http://www.watchlivefootball.com), ensuringrepparttar 135856 copy was relevant to potential customers and contained keyword rich phrases to assist with search engine ranking. Understandably, I was incensed when I found not one, but two websites selling a similar service had not just pinched a few key phrases here and there from my website, but had reproducedrepparttar 135857 entire text verbatim!

I found these offending websites by using Copyscape (http://www.copyscape.com) which is an invaluable, free tool, inrepparttar 135858 battle against online plagiarism.

It highlighted that my competitors had stolen 254 words from my sales copy despite there being a clear copyright logo atrepparttar 135859 foot of each page of my website. However, this alone does not prevent an unscrupulous webmaster and CTRL & C command in full flow.

Fortunately, dealing with plagiarism onrepparttar 135860 internet can be a straightforward process and incidents resolved quickly and amicably before any real ‘action’ needs to be taken.

This is how I ensured my sales copy was removed fromrepparttar 135861 two offending websites in less than 24 hours of discovery.

Write a polite, but firm email torepparttar 135862 webmaster ofrepparttar 135863 offending website and explain that you have found your copyrighted work has been illegally reproduced on it. If you have used Copyscape to detect plagiarism you could even includerepparttar 135864 link that highlightsrepparttar 135865 illegally used copy and states an actual word count.

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