11 Ways To Elevate Your Sales

Written by Ken Hill

1. Make your offer hard to resist by offering a limited time savings on your product, or by providing free bonuses such as ebooks you haverepparttar resell rights to, one on one consulting, or a special surprise bonus.

2. Takerepparttar 127218 risk out of purchasing your product by offering your visitors a strong money back guarantee.

3. Eliminate your visitors skepticism about your product by letting them try it before they buy it.

Give your visitors access torepparttar 127219 first couple of chapters of your informational product, or give them a free trial of your product if you offer a software product or promotional resource.

4. If you run a business where your customers pay a subscription fee (i.e., ad tracking, hosting, or a marketing resource site) you can also charge your visitors a nominal fee to try out your product.

This will attract people that are truly interested in your product, and that are willing to spend money if your product meets their needs.

Encourage your visitors take you up on your offer by offering them a no hassle money back guarantee.

5. Provide testimonials on your site from people that have liked and benefited from your products. Further increaserepparttar 127220 power of these testimonials by providing a link to their site.

6. Increase your visitors trust in you by publishing a page that tells your visitors about you and your company, by publishing your privacy policy on your site, and by listing your business address and phone number on your site.

7. Provide a "tell a friend" form on your site, and cash in on traffic that your visitors send you.

8. Use autoresponders to follow up with your visitors.

Successfully Selling Your Professional Services

Written by Dr. Rachna D. Jain

The 6 C Approach To Getting Clients - FAST

As a professional service provider you face special challenges promoting yourself to potential clients. You may have certain restrictions on how you market or advertise. You may feel overwhelmed byrepparttar demands of being both owner and employee. You might not have a strong base of effective selling & marketing skills. In addition, you may believe that self promotion is somehow unprofessional and pushy or even unnecessary. Very often, professionals "open up shop" and expect, much like inrepparttar 127217 Field of Dreams, "if you build it, they will come."

I don't deny that there is some validity to this approach; for instance, if you rent space in a strategic location and let your colleagues know you're there then you are likely to get referrals - eventually. This is fine if you're willing to wait months or years to create a thriving business. The bottom line is that you must let people know who you are and what you can do if you want to be successful in selling your services now.

This does not mean that you adopt a persona that doesn't suit you or that you try allrepparttar 127218 marketing and sales techniques you can find while desperately seeking one that works. Instead, I'd like to offer yourepparttar 127219 7 "C" approach to successfully selling your professional service.

Clarity. This refers to spending time to craft a clear, compelling and memorable message. It involves being very clear aboutrepparttar 127220 benefits of your service and finding a way to "speakrepparttar 127221 language" of your potential customers. Very often, professionals resort to phrases like, "I help my clients reach their goals." "I do tax returns." "I give massages". Is there anything particularly compelling or memorable about any of these statements? Not really. Instead, how about these: "I help my clients reach their goals of working 51% less and making 52% more." Or "My clients legally pay fewer taxes" Or "I provide a special type of massage which can permanently reducerepparttar 127222 pain from old injuries." Do you see how each of these statements provides more clarity and givesrepparttar 127223 potential customer more information about benefits? The power of clarity is that you know, right away, if your potential client will buy from you. Atrepparttar 127224 very least you've providedrepparttar 127225 potential client a memorable way to remember you-so s/he can refer friends.

Caring. This point might go without saying, but, just in case this is a new idea you want to be sure you care about your customers. Marketing is most effective (and easiest) when you have a passion for your service and absolutely know that it's effective. You really want people to experience your service because you care, for instance, that they work less and make more, that they save money on tax day or that they are pain-free. If you can't think of anything in your service that you care about deeply, passionately and vocally keep looking until you do. Finding this aspect is like unlocking a treasure chest!

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