11 Tips for Joining Affiliate Programs

Written by David McKenzie

Here are some things that I look for before joining an affiliate program. They are items I feel are imperative to being in a successful affiliate program.

1. The affiliate program has a great payment structure. For me, a high commission that is also a high percentage ofrepparttar purchase price is essential. Nothing under 25% commission.

2. Make surerepparttar 102642 affiliate program you are joining has a good looking site. You do not want to be sending visitors to a site that you do not like yourself.

3. Make sure they offer a comprehensive affiliate statistics page that listsrepparttar 102643 number of click throughs, number of sales and amount earned. This should be broken down per month.

4. Also make sure thatrepparttar 102644 affiliate statistics are updated automatically and immediately. You do not want to find out today about a sale you made a week ago.

5. Ensure they give a wide variety of text links, banners and graphics to put on your web page. Although I prefer text links, certain types of banners and graphics still work well.

6. Know how often you are going to be paid. If you are tossing up between 2 programs and one pays monthly andrepparttar 102645 other pays quarterly, repparttar 102646 one that pays monthly is better. You do not want to wait months before getting paid for your hard work!


Written by Bob Leduc

"How can I find a lot of new prospects and sign them up without spending much money?" That'srepparttar most common question I hear from new MLM distributors.

It's not as difficult as it sounds. I've usedrepparttar 102641 following 5 step system many times to successfully find new prospects and close sales -- fast. It's inexpensive to use and works for building a business onrepparttar 102642 Internet or in traditional ways. You can copy this same system to build your MLM business.


Maybe everybody can use what you offer. But that doesn't mean everybody will takerepparttar 102643 time to consider it. You'll get repparttar 102644 largest number of sign-ups withrepparttar 102645 least amount of effort and atrepparttar 102646 lowest cost by targeting a niche market.

A niche market is a group of potential customers who share common characteristics making them especially receptive to what you offer.

I recently met a distributor for an MLM company selling health and nutritional products. She found a list of health club members who also subscribe to a magazine about starting a business. The combination of these 2 special interests created a good niche market for her. It's her primary source of new distributors.


Use small ads, postcards and other low cost methods to generate inquiries (or web site traffic) from prospects in your targeted niche market. Prospects in your niche market are very interested in what you offer. Therefore, you'll be able to sign-up a higher than average percentage ofrepparttar 102647 inquiries from them.

Generating leads also enables you to collect contact information you can use to follow up with prospects who don't take actionrepparttar 102648 first time they see your offer. For example, you can direct inquiries to your web site where you also offer a free report or newsletter by email. Once you haverepparttar 102649 prospect's email address you can follow up periodically with new offers.


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