11 Things to Remember in Planning Your Wedding

Written by Christine

Every woman dreams of her own wedding. May it be a small gathering in a picturesque orchard, a grand ball in a gigantic castle or a funky wedding alongrepparttar coastline, she wants it planned and tailored to her wishes. Planning your wedding would take time, effort and energy but it's worth it. For brides out there, here are some things you can't forget to look into.

1. Payments Of course, planning your wedding will need sufficient amount of cash. Establish who pays for what. This is usually worked out betweenrepparttar 146913 couple and their families.

2. Marriage License Requirements There are different requirements for each state, so be sure to look into yours. Remember that you can't even start planning your wedding without a license so make it high priority.

3. Bookingrepparttar 146914 ceremony andrepparttar 146915 reception. Choose a place to hold your wedding. It'd be great if both parties talk about it. Also, planning your wedding means planningrepparttar 146916 reception well so that there won't be wrinkles in your wonderful day.

4. Reception Ideas Planning your wedding by yourself might become tiring, so set up a brainstorming session with your friends and relatives to work outrepparttar 146917 details. Listrepparttar 146918 ideas in a piece of paper and deliberate on them carefully. Properly laid out plans are wonderful to work with.

5. Invitations The invitation should be simple yet elegant. An overly decorated invitation just turns people off. Remember to include allrepparttar 146919 people involved inrepparttar 146920 wedding itself and address them properly. Be sure to indicate if you're invitingrepparttar 146921 children ofrepparttar 146922 family too because most parents don't take them to weddings if their presence is not specifically requested.

6. Catering Oohh...repparttar 146923 success of every party more often than not relies on its food. Make sure that what you serve is of good quality and that they taste good. Go overrepparttar 146924 menu withrepparttar 146925 head chef and ask him for suggestions. Not only that this will give you great ideas, it will form a bond between you andrepparttar 146926 chef. Keep in mind that when planning your wedding, it pays to be in good terms with most ofrepparttar 146927 staff.

Fashion and beauty for your Destination Wedding

Written by Pamela Stevenson

If you're getting married overseas, there are a few extra considerations when it comes to looking good. It's time to start planning your 'princess forrepparttar day' look!

Your wedding attire there are two main considerations when planning your outfit for a wedding abroad. You need to find something that you will be comfortable wearing, especially if you're getting married inrepparttar 146863 sunshine, and you also need to choose something that you can transport relatively easily.

Ifrepparttar 146864 temperature on your wedding day is likely to be very cool, a 'floaty' beach dress probably isn'trepparttar 146865 perfect choice. Look for something that will suitrepparttar 146866 environment - more of a traditional ball gown-style wedding gown, for example. Equally, consider accessories such as shoes. Pretty beach sandals arenítrepparttar 146867 thing for walking aroundrepparttar 146868 castle grounds. Instead consider a high heel shoe.

What you wear for your wedding is entirely up to you and there are no real dress rules if you are marrying inrepparttar 146869 grounds of your hotel. However, if you have arranged for a religious service in a chapel or church you will most likely be expected to respect local custom and cover your head and shoulders. Also in some Eastern countries, such as Thailand there is a specific dress code. Your wedding coordinator orrepparttar 146870 relevant embassy will advise you.

Transporting and caring for your outfits when you choose your perfect dress, speak torepparttar 146871 designer or store about how best to transport it. It may pack well with plenty of tissue paper, or could be better kept in a dress bag.

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