11 Tender Writing Sins ... Part One

Written by Kris Mills

Put simply, producing a winning tender is all about being able to sell your company face to face and on paper. It's about addressingrepparttar needs your prospect wants fulfilled, and proving how you fulfil those needs inrepparttar 129588 most result-oriented way.

This article introduces you torepparttar 129589 most common mistakes people make when producing tenders and shows you how to learn from these mistakes and turn them into a positive outcome for your company.

Sin no. 1. Not knowing"why"

"Not knowingrepparttar 129590 answer to this question means that your tender response could missrepparttar 129591 mark completely, simply because you're not aware of any bad experiences or challenges they have had inrepparttar 129592 past ."

The reason why a company or a Government body calls for tenders always plays a HUGE role in what factors are important to them when selecting a supplier, So, it makes sense knowing repparttar 129593 REAL reasons why. This is something that isn't usually FULLY listed inrepparttar 129594 tender documentation.

For instance, if their previous supplier is hopelessly unreliable, proof of reliability, capacity, and a money back guarantee will probably be very important to them.

Dig around. Talk to everyone you know inrepparttar 129595 industry. See how resourceful you can be.

Telephonerepparttar 129596 purchasing officer and ask them why they are calling for tenders, why they want to undertakerepparttar 129597 project, and what's important to them.

Strike up a conversation. Get to know them a little and discover what makes them tick. You'll be surprised at how much information you can find out - information that will be priceless inrepparttar 129598 tender creation process.Attend "meetrepparttar 129599 buyer's nights.

Ask questions like:

Why do they want to start using this type of product/service now?

Who did they use inrepparttar 129600 past and why?

Why do they want to change?

What do they know aboutrepparttar 129601 potential positives and negatives of dealing with people?

Why is this of particular importance to them?

Why do they want to change?

Who have they been using inrepparttar 129602 past?

What did they like or dislike about that supplier?


Written by Craig Lock

"If a man has talent and cannot use it, he has failed. If he has a talent and uses only half of it, he has partly failed. If he has a talent and learns somehow to userepparttar whole of it, he has gloriously succeeded and has a satisfaction and a triumph few men ever know." -- Thomas Wolfe

By now you have decided what kind of writer you'd like to be:

You either want to write for pleasure or for profit.

To write articles or just to write for your own enjoyment?

Or perhaps just start writing and see what develops.

To perhaps even one day write a book-about your life or aboutrepparttar 129587 life of someone you know.

To one day writerepparttar 129588 novel you always dreamed of...and I believe everyone has some tale to tell. We can all reach out and help others by sharing a little of our little (don't repeat 'little' in such close proximity- "yes sir, boss"!) world. Somebody else said: "No one but a blockhead would write not to be published."... but I don't agree with that one.

I believe writing is for pleasure or profit, but it can be both. That'srepparttar 129589 ideal to aim (and wish/hope) for. Could I end that sentence with a "preppie" (preposition)?

That was my ideal when I started out in my quest to do something worthwhile with my life after being dropped out ofrepparttar 129590 sky here in "Sleepy Hollow". I try to have a bit of FUN with my writing, because life (together with allrepparttar 129591 appendages, like mortgages, bills (but not my business associate, Bill Rosoman), wives, "hubbies", etc) can be ever so serious.

We spoke about making a writer out of you.

Decide where and when to write.

Which room is most comfortable and gives you peace and quiet?

When are you most creative?

Are you a "morning" or "evening" person, when your concentration is at it's highest level? My body rhythms (correct spelling - for a change!) work best inrepparttar 129592 early morning, so I'm in bed with my teddy bear and hot "choccie" and pussy cat by 9pm. How utterly boring!

When are you most likely to be undisturbed? I haverepparttar 129593 strangest type of people (plenty of "weirdos") dropping in to visit "recluse" me. Must berepparttar 129594 lot of an "artist"!

Treat your writing seriously and bar visitors - it is your work or leisure time, yet people don't seem to understand that. "When are you going to get a proper job", askrepparttar 129595 locals continuously (should it be 'continually'?), as they can't seem to understand us "strange" writers. Nor even my good Aussie friend, Kaye who is visiting atrepparttar 129596 moment!

* GETTING STARTED What to write about?

This isrepparttar 129597 writer's principal dilemma.

Write whatrepparttar 129598 market wants, but draw on your world, your unique experiences in life.

Ask yourself this:

How can I best inform, entertain, help or perhaps even inspire other people?

Where to get ideas? The human mind hasrepparttar 129599 most incredible power and your magination is your greatest asset. . So userepparttar 129600 great powers of your IMAGINATION torepparttar 129601 fullest by allowing your creative juices to flow.

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