11 Speaking Tips to Gain Comfort in any Presentation!

Written by Dianne Legro

A conversation, a sales meeting, a board meeting, an interview, a courtroom case... all are special situations which require you to communicate clearly, driverepparttar action and createrepparttar 107916 result you want. You can learn skills to engineerrepparttar 107917 outcome, makerepparttar 107918 most of your opportunities, gain respect, and advance your career.

Here are eleven tips to practice that will help you feel powerful and authentic, and will help you be perceived as a person of authority and trust:

1.Create a shared point of view. It is very important when addressing an individual or a group of people that you establish an immediate connection between you and them by leading with your shared point of view. Why are you all inrepparttar 107919 same room together? What unites you? Speak to this by using “I-YOU-WE” words and phrases as much as you can.

2.Don’t speak until you have taken one full deep breath. During that time, look out at your audience and find a face to connect with for four seconds. Then broaden your gaze to include everyone, take a second breath and begin.

3.Create a powerful opening. The first 30 seconds arerepparttar 107920 most important torepparttar 107921 success of your talk. Use a quote, such as: “When you are going through hell, keep going” (Winston Churchill); “They wererepparttar 107922 best of times, they wererepparttar 107923 worst of times. They wererepparttar 107924 times that tried men’s souls” (Charles Dickens). Userepparttar 107925 words of a song. Ask a question. State a startling fact. Your job atrepparttar 107926 top ofrepparttar 107927 speech or conversation is to get their attention.

4.Before you give your speech, get an amusing anecdote from your audience. “Folks, I looked atrepparttar 107928 bowling scores from your event last night. Where’s Bob Carruthers, is he here? Bob, do you really work here or did they bring you in as a ringer? I’m scared of you!” When you incorporate this into your speech it is another “I –YOU- WE” moment and creates trust that you care enough about them to know what is going on that day.


Written by Elvis Preston King

What’srepparttar big deal? All you read onrepparttar 107915 internet is spam, spam, spam. Spam protection this, spam protection that. Oh my God! Be careful don’t let any one see your SACRED email address! I read they even put a spammer in jail. What kind of a barbaric country would do that? Now I am not a spammer. I don’t know how to send spam. If I did I would!

I am not afraid of placing my email address torepparttar 107916 ends ofrepparttar 107917 earth. I look forward to my spam everyday! If spam comes that I have no interest in. You know what…I HAVE GOT a DELETE button all free provided by Yahoo! And it works perfect!!!

However, I am getting very annoyed with Yahoo. Why? Because I holdrepparttar 107918 World’s Record ofrepparttar 107919 most girlfriends of any man onrepparttar 107920 planet. Needless to say I can’t see every girl every day. So I email them my Casanova love letters! When I try to send my

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