11 Smart Choices You Can Make

Written by Susan Dunn, M.A., Clinical Psychology

1. Choose positive and kind self-talk. Train yourself to be your biggest fan.

2. Surround yourself withrepparttar kind of people you want to be like, because that's what's going to happen.

3. Do something solid with your hands every day, preferably something involving soil.

It'll keep you sane and "grounded."

4. Improve your emotional intelligence (EQ) every day.

It's a success and happiness skill you can do something about, unlike your IQ!

5. Indulge yourself inrepparttar 123870 arts--several modalities.

It rounds off sharp edges, improves creativity and intuition, and givesrepparttar 123871 foundation for metaphor, a master coaching and life skill.

6. Get more theta waves in your life.

Theta waves, an uncommon state in alert adulthood, are where people underrepparttar 123872 age of 13 spend their time. It induces creativity, intuition, and feeling good. So play more!


Written by Arleen M. Kaptur

June 21st isrepparttar longest day ofrepparttar 123869 year. The amount of daylight begins to diminish after this date. We may not even noticerepparttar 123870 seconds that are added torepparttar 123871 darkness hours, but in time, an hour will be deleted fromrepparttar 123872 day and so forth.

Time is really inrepparttar 123873 mind. It is not something that you can grasp, touch, smell, or even see. You cannot hear time. Surely,repparttar 123874 ticking moments on a watch gives you some insight into how quickly days pass, but time, of itself, is not really anything.

But time is so very important to each and every one of us. Our homelife, jobs, career obligations, children’s events, social engagements are all set for a specific time. You set an alarm clock to wake you and you go to sleep afterrepparttar 123875 10 p.m. news. You eat lunch at noon and supper around 6. Your birthdays falls on a particular date in time and holidays roll around year after year. Stores carry calendars and time pieces byrepparttar 123876 millions. Everyone has appointment books or desk diaries. We note special occasions and important dates to remember. Our days are set around a 24 hour, 30 or so day month, and 12 months in a year. We age, or so we think, by our calendars. Now, step out ofrepparttar 123877 realm of time and ask yourself what you would be doing right now if time did not exist. Would you be following a similar schedule or would you be freer to do what you want to do when you want to do it? Would you accomplishrepparttar 123878 same amount of work or would you slack off because time is not ofrepparttar 123879 essence? Oh,repparttar 123880 doors that self-knowledge opens!!

Of course, time will be with us as long as we live. We will have to abide byrepparttar 123881 standards thatrepparttar 123882 world sets for certain dates, activities, and occurrences. However, there is a freedom that we take for granted -repparttar 123883 freedom of choice in what we do withrepparttar 123884 time we are given. Will we make it a better world, or are we just biding our time? Do we plan on bringing beauty into our part ofrepparttar 123885 universe with music, art, and literature? Will we help as many as we can alongrepparttar 123886 way, or will we hurry by, checking our watches, so that we don’t miss a single “important” item on our agenda.

Who decides what is important and what needs to be done? Who - you! Yes, you haverepparttar 123887 ability to pick and choose, do or not do, and also decide priorities. If you are a business leader, do you have time for your employees? As a worker, do you have time to share insight and possibly new ways to do a determined task so that it would be easier and more pleasant for everyone? As a mother, father, daughter, son, grandmother, grandfather and so forth, do you set aside time to keep happy relationships in good repair or do you glide acrossrepparttar 123888 mirror of years and figure things will take care of themselves? As a husband or wife, you make sure there is quality time forrepparttar 123889 children, but do you sometimes forget meaningful time with each other?

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