11 Effects of Caffeine on The Body

Written by Emily Clark

Caffeine is big business. There are new coffee shops popping up all overrepparttar place. You can’t go far without running into a Starbucks. "Let’s get together for coffee. Time for a coffee break. Coffee pot goes off before my feet hitrepparttar 144879 floor. Travel mugs for sipping coffee on your way to work. I’ll just have this chocolate bar to pick me up this afternoon." Caffeine - It’s everywhere! It’s everywhere!

Many people have grown so accustomed to having their morning coffee or soda that they don’t even considerrepparttar 144880 damaging effects caffeine has onrepparttar 144881 body. Onrepparttar 144882 contrary, most will tell you that they NEED their jolt to get them moving inrepparttar 144883 morning or to keep them upright throughoutrepparttar 144884 day. Caffeine is present not only in coffee, but also tea, soda, chocolates and in certain pain relievers, such as aspirin or acetaminophen. It is also sometimes used in combination with an antihistamine to overcomerepparttar 144885 drowsiness caused byrepparttar 144886 antihistamine.

If you don’t think it’s addicting, try going off caffeine, cold turkey. See if you don’t have a headache for two to nine days. That’s caffeine withdrawal! You don’t need to be a coffeeholic to experience negative physical symptoms. Even as little as one to two cups a day can negatively affect you.

You may be experiencing a number of physical ailments that could be caused solely from caffeine. The most common side effects of caffeine include dizziness, headache, irritability, muscle tension, nausea, nervousness, stuffy nose, unusual tiredness and jitters.

5 Resume Mistakes Telecommuters Often Make

Written by Nell Taliercio

Finding a legit telecommute job can be difficult. Telecommute jobs are in high demand and hundreds if not thousands of other people are competing forrepparttar same position.

So how do you stand apart from everyone else? Your résumé.

Your telecommute résumérepparttar 144878 first and oftenrepparttar 144879 only document a potential employer has to make a hiring decision with. Here are some tips specifically for your telecommute résumé to keep it onrepparttar 144880 employer’s desk and out of “file number 13”.

I have consulted with telecommute résumé expert Jennifer Anthony of RésuméASAP to get a list ofrepparttar 144881 top five telecommute résumé mistakes. Here they are!

1. Wild designs or frilly fonts.

If you want to be taken seriously for consideration, avoid using cursive fonts or cutesy clip art. Leave this to personal use; it does not belong on business correspondence. Also, check your e-mail signatures. You don’t want to send your résumé out and then sign your name “Mommy to Sean and Sissy” with little angel graphics around their names.

2. Résumé templates.

“I know for a fact that recruiters hate templates and would rather rip their hair out than read templates”, Jennifer Anthony

Recruiters and hiring managers spend their day (often overtime) sorting through hundreds of résumés. Templates are hard to read, andrepparttar 144882 design elements often don’t show up correctly on a monitor other than that your own. Hiring managers need to be able to scan your document quickly to see if you are qualified before moving on. If they can’t find out in 6-8 seconds, your résumé is trash. It is better to start with a blank document and look at other résumé examples for inspiration.

3. The selfish objective statement.

If you are usingrepparttar 144883 same old objective statement as everyone else, your résumé may be thrown inrepparttar 144884 trash because you did not put forthrepparttar 144885 effort to create a personalized résumé.

Here is an example objective you should avoid:

“A telecommute position allowing me to utilize my knowledge and expertise working from home.”

Why? This statement opens up many questions. What kind of telecommute position? What is your knowledge and expertise? Also take note that usingrepparttar 144886 words “me” and “my” sound very selfish. Instead of telling them what you want, you should be showing them what you have to offer them.

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