10 ways to insure your business card gets thrown away.

Written by Robert Kennedy

Having been inrepparttar printing and design business for most of my life I have seen my share of Ďfile it under Gí business cards. That said our printing firm fulfills hundreds of business card orders in Canada andrepparttar 126376 US each week. So what I am about to share with is a matter of opinion. I am ofrepparttar 126377 opinion that you donít get a second chance to make a first impression. In life, oh well, if you donít like it leave. But in business this is notrepparttar 126378 case, assuming that your goal is to make a good first impression. This isrepparttar 126379 way I view new contacts in business;

1) Your prospect wants you to WOW them

2) Your prospect wants you to sell them something

3) Your prospect forms an opinion of you inrepparttar 126380 first 30 seconds

So these arerepparttar 126381 assumptions that I walk into every business meeting with. Many of us truly believe that a business card is critical to your success and without it you are toast (for lack of a better term). To a certain degree you are correct.

I would like to submit to you that first impressions are always formed from one person to another. Your business card should reflect you and what you represent inrepparttar 126382 sweetest way. But make no mistake, YOU need to make that first impression and that is not accomplished with a handshake, smile and a business card. So carefully spend time redefining your approach, want you want to sell and how you want to sell it. Try to follow this proven sales formula. We call itrepparttar 126383 AIDA formula;

Approach Interest Desire Action

OK, so now we have buffed up a little on pre sales psychology, what about that business card? How can I getrepparttar 126384 design wheels turning? If you are ofrepparttar 126385 creative mind but are not sure how to get started, there are many printing companies online that offer business card templates created by professional graphic designers. A good example of this can be found here http://www.weprintcolor.com/buscardtemplate.htm

You may also be ofrepparttar 126386 creative mind and are well versed inrepparttar 126387 use of professional desktop publishing programs such as Adobe Photo Shop, Corel Draw, Quark Express, or Adobe Illustrator, why not just sendrepparttar 126388 file for printing? Before you do you should make certain your digital file is optimized for best print result! First learn what is required here http://www.weprintcolor.com/pre-press.htm then you can submit your digital file for free preflight check here http://www.weprintcolor.com/upload.htm . This way you are certain your file will print nicely.

Here are my 10 Tips on how to get your Business Card filed under ĎGí (garbage);

1) Print type thatrepparttar 126389 size of antís feet. Your eyes may be great but mine arenít

2) Print on perforated 10 up card templates from your ink jet or laser printer. Remember that first impression?

3) Choose colors that clash or do not compliment each other. There is a color wheel that explains 10 colors relating to each other. These colors have 3 basic relationships: Adjacent, Contrasting and Complimentary Adjacent colors share a common side and are similar. Contrasting colors are those which have three other colors between them. Complimentary colors are those on opposite sides ofrepparttar 126390 color wheel.


4) Use a co workerís business card and hand write your information on it. You might be able to use this once but donít try it on your second or third meeting.

5) Print your business card with typographically incorrect information then try to patch it up. I will again, suggest that you rely onrepparttar 126391 resources at hand. Forrepparttar 126392 $49 a company like ours would charge you to completely reproduce 500, professionally printed high quality, full color, aqueous coated business cards itís a no brainer.

The Net Can Be a Lonely Place

Written by John Calder

© 2004, John Calder http://www.TheEzine.net

That sounds strange, doesn't it? With more surfers, marketers, and potential customers coming online everyday, how on earth canrepparttar Internet be considered lonely?

For busy marketers working at home full-time, or new marketers who aspire to that, it can be that way. The marketing forums are there, and they're great places to give and receive information, bounce new ideas around, and even occasionally engage in off-topic discussions. Email is perhaps more focused and personally relevant, but inrepparttar 126375 end,repparttar 126376 electronic display isn't all that different from a forum. And you may have an email list with many thousands of subscribers, built through relationship marketing. But even that is done by email or your web site, and there's still no real personal relationship there. If you have a "name" withinrepparttar 126377 Internet marketing community, you may do business overrepparttar 126378 phone or a voice over IP service, which at least gives some live interaction with another person. But very few are in that position, and most Internet marketers do very little business if any by phone.

Besides all that, marketers are often very busy, especially those working on their business after working at a full-time job. This leaves little time for socializing, and it's all too easy to brush aside opportunities for non-business social gatherings. This can be detrimental to our long term well being. Humans are by nature social creatures - we apparently have a deep-seated need for true social contact with others. Not everyone needsrepparttar 126379 same amount of contact of course, but evenrepparttar 126380 misfits and loners among us still have a need for personal interaction.

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