10 ways to help you plan your home office for productivity, and comfort

Written by BZ Riger-Hull, Certified Success Coach

Some home offices are set up in a dedicated area just forrepparttar business, but most people need to have a family room, bedroom, or guest room do double duty. Getting focused about what you need your home office to do for you will help you buyrepparttar 117084 most efficient equipment and haverepparttar 117085 most effective layout to help you get more things accomplished.

1. What do you want this space to be able to accommodate? Are you planning on using this space to just get household bills paid in and maybe keep a few records, or are you starting up a small business and looking to run all of your office operations out of this space? Make a list of all ofrepparttar 117086 things you will need to do from your office space.

2. Develop a floor plan: Once you have made your list of allrepparttar 117087 things you will need to be able to do from your new home office space develop a floor plan and begin to draw where all of your equipment will go.

3. Don't estimaterepparttar 117088 space: Get out that measuring tape and measure where everything will go. Refer to your floor plan and using small pieces of masking tape mark out where you want everything to go. Then you can see if things fit inrepparttar 117089 actual room as well as they did on your floor plan.

4. Don't forget to plug in: Check your office layout; arerepparttar 117090 existing electrical plugs nearrepparttar 117091 space where you are gong to put your desk? Arerepparttar 117092 phone jacks in a good location onrepparttar 117093 plan or are they berried behind those file cabinets. Reviewrepparttar 117094 floor plan,repparttar 117095 actual layout ofrepparttar 117096 room and whererepparttar 117097 windows, electrical outlets and phone jacks are and reviserepparttar 117098 plan accordingly. Now is a good time to have a few more outlets wired in or add that second phone line.

5. Who will be using this office space? Are you sharing it with your kids? Are you sharing it with your partner? Answering these questions will help you decide what furniture to buy. Does it need to be sturdy and serviceable to hold up torepparttar 117099 kids use or can it be a little more upscale for justrepparttar 117100 use of you or your partner.

10 quick tips to make your website user friendly for search engines and customers

Written by BZ Riger-Hull, Certified Success Coach

1. Design your website to be compatible withrepparttar largest number of viewers. Haverepparttar 117083 resolution set to 800x600.

2. Avoid large graphic files, pictures, and fancy applets that make pages load slowly.

3. Be creative with your design but keep your hyperlinks inrepparttar 117084 normal blue color which means they have not been selected and purple which means they have been.

4. Optimize your graphics so they load fast.

5. Use bullets, descriptive headlines, and sub texts to make your page easy to read and find information.

6. Red and yellow should not be used on your website, these bright colors causerepparttar 117085 human eye to strain and it will be tiring to look at your page.

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