10 Ways to Make Sure Your SEO Goes Out of its Way for You

Written by By Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

If they want to have success, companies should do everything they can to ensure that their SEO firm doesn’t provide lousy service. Here are 10 tips to keep in mind:

1. Be realistic. Don’t waste your time orrepparttar SEO firm’s expertise by arguing about broad search terms. Don’t say you want to be inrepparttar 143564 Top 10 for “e-commerce.” The SEO firm should ask: “E-commerce and what else? E-commerce consultants? Please be specific.”

2. Think long-term. If you can’t help yourself and you want broad search terms, such as “toys,” think through what it may take to pull that off. Variations on your favorite term may be best inrepparttar 143565 short term. If you start looking a year or two out, then make sure there aren’t site design, programming and link popularity flaws.

3. Be open with log files. Don’t shield log files fromrepparttar 143566 SEO firm. Admit if your web analytics capability is poor. How canrepparttar 143567 SEO firm do a good job if your host company can’t provide decent statistics, such asrepparttar 143568 number of visitors from search engines andrepparttar 143569 actual search terms they use?

4. Change text. If an SEO firm wants to change text, giverepparttar 143570 consultant lots of room. If a graphic can be modified sorepparttar 143571 words appear as text, be open-minded aboutrepparttar 143572 change. Chances are, it won’t hurtrepparttar 143573 overall look ofrepparttar 143574 web site. SEO professionals grit their teeth when clients say they want rankings and then resist change.

5. Don’t sit on recommendations. You may end up discouragingrepparttar 143575 SEO firm you’re paying if you hire them and then fail to review their suggestions.

Website Traffic Generation…7 great ways to increase your web site traffic.

Written by Terry Till

We all know thatrepparttar secret to success onrepparttar 143522 Internet is getting your website noticed and producing massive amounts of unique traffic. Even better still is producing this traffic on a consistent basis and for free. So how do we go about this task and what isrepparttar 143523 magic formula that will do this for us on a constant and ongoing basis.

Here are my 7 tips that will certainly in crease your website traffic flow and also increase your websites revenue potential.

1)If you think logically aboutrepparttar 143524 internet there are millions of websites and pages available and so you have very little chance of getting significant amounts of traffic if you only have one web page online, so in order to takerepparttar 143525 first step to gaining more traffic you must produce more websites and more web pages on subjects that are of interest torepparttar 143526 general internet viewing public.

2)Having decided to produce more websites and web pages it is ofrepparttar 143527 utmost importance that you research your subjects and look forrepparttar 143528 niche areas of interest that give you a better than fighting chance of getting your websites listed inrepparttar 143529 top few listings ofrepparttar 143530 major search engines, These listing arerepparttar 143531 key to where your free traffic will come from.

3)“Content is king” and so always aim to provide fresh content that is of interest to your visitors and of even more importance ensure thatrepparttar 143532 contents you provide is regularly updated, certainly on a weekly basis or better still on a daily basis.

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