10 Ways to Make Money with your Digital Camera

Written by C.S. Deam

1. Real Estate - Photograph homes as a paid service to realtors in your area. Since most newspapers and 'home for sale' magazines feature photographs ofrepparttar homes that are for sale, your services can allowrepparttar 117197 realtors to spend more time earning their living instead of taking pictures. Also, withrepparttar 117198 popularity ofrepparttar 117199 internet, most real estate agencies have websites with featured homes or searchable listings. These websites usually need good photographs as well.

2. Amateur sporting events - elementary, junior high, or high school sporting events offer a great opportunity for taking photographs of peoples kids in action. By getting good shots of their kids, you'll be able to offer great photographs to proud parents who don't own cameras, or forgot to bring them, or didn't haverepparttar 117200 great shots that you got.

3. Digital Image Collections - bundle hundreds of photographs onto a single CD rom and sell as a royalty-free package for web designers and graphic artists that don't want to take time from their areas of interest in order to take photographs.

4. How-To Projects - photographrepparttar 117201 progression from start to finish of a particular project and put a few explanations with it and then offer it for sale as a 'How To ....." guide.

5. Insurance Records - offer your photography services to property owners who want to document their possessions for insurance purposes. Offerrepparttar 117202 final photographs on a CD. An add on business would be to have a written itemization for allrepparttar 117203 items, which could be included withrepparttar 117204 CD.

6. Child Safety Identification - not all parents have recent photographs of their children. By offering photography services as part of a Child Safety ID business you are doing a service to improve children's safety. Additional services could include recording fingerprints and a hair sample.

7. Digital Image Website - by putting high quality or interesting photos on a website you can create a cyber-gallery from which people can by prints. Many online photo-processors want you to do this because it means additional income for them too. Just upload, email, or sendrepparttar 117205 online photo-processor your digital images and arrange them into albums. Many photo-processor's provide online tools so that you don't have to build your own website, or know how to run expensive photo editing software. Every time someone buys one of your photos from your gallery,repparttar 117206 photo-processor makes a buck, and so do you.

Joint Venturing Your Road To Success

Written by Cathy Qazalbash

Joint Venturing Your Road To Success

What is a Joint Venture?

It is a partnership between 2 businesses, which benefits both parties. For instance a company has software products but lacks ways to market it. You haverepparttar marketing resources, but no product. You offer your services as a Marketer torepparttar 117196 company for a commission or specified rate. The agreement is beneficial to both your companies.

The art of planning a successful Joint Venture is more complex than most people imagine. As a publisher I get a number of Joint Venture proposals per month. Most are just straight requests to join an affiliate program. Givenrepparttar 117197 number of offers that come across most publishers desk if you are going to have any success you must:

v Make your offer unique.

v Have a great product and service

v Write an impressive and persuasive letter.

Making a unique offer means standing out fromrepparttar 117198 crowd. Do not just make it a request to join your affiliate program. “Sweetenrepparttar 117199 pot,” offer your JV partner some bonuses, make them an offer they cannot refuse. Be prepared to give more than you receive (it will pay off inrepparttar 117200 long run). Be sure that your offer greatly benefits your proposed partner.

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