10 Ways to Advertise Your Business For Free!

Written by Kenia Morales

At some point many small business owners are left with no or a small amount of capital to promote their business. But many entrepreneurs utilize these free or low budget yet effective tactics to promote their business online and offline.

1.Print out flyers or business cards and take them to your local stores, banks, beauty shops etc.

2.Word of mouth never fails, so tell your friends to tell their friends.

3.Make a cookie, candy or fruit basket and take it to your local store with your business cards.

Compete vs. Create: Which One Describes Your Business Approach?

Written by Megan Mart

Compete vs. Create:

Consider these definitions:

Compete:To contend with another or others for a prize, superiority, etc. Syn. vie, rival, contest, oppose.

Create:To cause to come into existence; originate. To berepparttar cause of; bring about. Syn. make, fashion, form, produce, conceive, invent, build.

Which One Describes Your Business Approach?

Do you feel that you must compete with other businesses? Do you strive to conquerrepparttar 117247 competition? Do you think that you need to have an edge overrepparttar 117248 competition?

Take a look at allrepparttar 117249 businesses out there! How on earth can You compete with them all? Answer: You don't! You can't! Period!

So why do we listen to statements made about winning out overrepparttar 117250 competition? Because we have come to believe that in order to have it all and be successful, we need to compete and win to getrepparttar 117251 top spot. We haverepparttar 117252 notion that there is not enough success or money to go around, so we must beat down whatever or whoever gets in our way in order to have success.

To compete with someone, we have to vie with him or her forrepparttar 117253 top spot. Once that top spot is gained (if it ever is), we cannot stop! There is always someone just waiting to contend with us to take that spot away.

It is almost certain. If we are only spending our time competing with others for success, someday, someone is going to defeat us for that success. Then someday it will happen to them, and so on.

Champions that have wonrepparttar 117254 top prize will be replaced by someone else who is faster, better or smarter. It always happens and it always will. We are left sitting inrepparttar 117255 dust, wondering what happened!?!

The notion of competition is futile nonsense when it comes to our personal or business success. Look atrepparttar 117256 universe around us. There is plenty of everything to go around without taking it away from someone else. We live in a bountiful world. We do not need to stress out over trying to overthrowrepparttar 117257 competition to gain success.

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