10 Ways Writing Articles Can Improve Your Business

Written by Dean Shainin

Copyright 2005 Dean Shainin

1. Submit articles to e-zines and web sites for publishing. Include your resource box atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 148314 article to get free advertising.

2. Combine your articles into a free e-book. You can place your business ad inrepparttar 148315 e-book. Give it away to visitors and allow them to dorepparttar 148316 same to multiply your advertising.

3. Create an article directory on your web site. People will visit your web site to getrepparttar 148317 free information.

4. Submit your articles to print publications that pay for submissions. You can make extra income getting paid as a freelance writer.

5. Combine a few of your articles together into a free report. Give awayrepparttar 148318 free report as a bonus for buying your main product or service.

6. Publish a book with all your articles. Make extra money sellingrepparttar 148319 book from your web site.

hat you must know about selling online to Europe

Written by Ashley Shameli

The European market is a multi-billion $ sector which you can not afford to ignore. If you are based within Europe, American or Canada you must be aware ofrepparttar legal restrictions and requirements or face a hefty fine which could close your business. Donít panic! I am going to make this so simple you canít go wrong.

The aim of this article is to guide you throughrepparttar 148138 very simple steps required to comply with European law when selling goods online.

The law concerning these matters is widely similar throughout Europe butrepparttar 148139 advice given below relates specifically to English & Welsh law.

And if you think you donít need to comply because you are outside Europe and nobody enforces one countryís laws in another country, you are wrong! International co-operation has never been stronger and jurisdiction laws may allow English consumers to sue you inrepparttar 148140 English courts Ė forcing you to incur considerable legal expenses defending a claim in a distant country.

Print this now and keep it by your to-do list so your next website update adaptsrepparttar 148141 key principles outlined.

Letís start with step one.

Step One

The aim ofrepparttar 148142 law is to protect consumers and retailers and bolster confidence in online transactions. Put simplyrepparttar 148143 law protects all, not justrepparttar 148144 purchaser. The relevant body of law is found in one document,repparttar 148145 Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations). These Regulations have been altered a little recently but this is not of great concern to this article.

Now we know where to findrepparttar 148146 law, lets look at what it does in step two.

Step Two

The law forcesrepparttar 148147 seller, beforerepparttar 148148 sum is debited fromrepparttar 148149 purchaser, to:-

providerepparttar 148150 purchaser withrepparttar 148151 identity and address ofrepparttar 148152 supplier; and describerepparttar 148153 characteristics ofrepparttar 148154 goods torepparttar 148155 purchaser; and showrepparttar 148156 price ofrepparttar 148157 goods including taxes torepparttar 148158 purchaser; and make shipping costs clear torepparttar 148159 purchaser; and remindrepparttar 148160 purchaser that he or she has a right to cancelrepparttar 148161 purchase.

Now this may seem quite a lot to take on board butrepparttar 148162 chances are you already have most of it covered anyway. Nearly everyone providesrepparttar 148163 first four details regardless of local legal requirements. Itís just good business practice.

It isrepparttar 148164 last point, remindingrepparttar 148165 purchaser that he or she has a right to cancel, which is so important. We will look at this in step three

Step Three

However,repparttar 148166 purchaser can notify you that he or she wants to cancelrepparttar 148167 purchase in a variety of ways Ėrepparttar 148168 most likely being my email, telephone call or fax.

In generalrepparttar 148169 consumer must let you know they wish to cancel within seven working days. These seven working days start one day afterrepparttar 148170 day on whichrepparttar 148171 purchase was made. As long asrepparttar 148172 purchaser contacts you within this period they are entitled to cancel their purchase.

Even ifrepparttar 148173 goods have arrived withrepparttar 148174 purchaserrepparttar 148175 right to cancel still exists. Nowrepparttar 148176 law is not as short-sighted as you may expect. There will clearly be cases where common sense dictates certain items can not be returned or certain orders cancelled. These exceptions torepparttar 148177 right to return/refund are discussed in step four.

Step Four

The most likely exception to be of use to e-commerce sellers is for goods which are made to specification or are clearly personalised.

One of our businesses is selling silver jewellery and if a customer orders an item which is engraved with his or her name then it would be useless if returned as we could not sell it on.

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