10 Ways To Spring Clean Your LIFE

Written by Kathy Gates

1. Clean outrepparttar anger, hatred, jealousy, and self doubt.

2. Move outrepparttar 123908 frustrations, and lack of communication. Wash away delay and procrastination.

3. Dust off your attitude, and put on a fresh coat of positive.

4. Throw out misunderstanding, and lack of patience. Sweep outrepparttar 123909 dirt of gossip or lies

5. Recycle old relationships, roles, and routines that no longer work into a new, useable form.

Naming And Claiming

Written by Stephanie West Allen

A Joy-propelled Life For You

Name yourself joy for today. Or maybe make joy your middle name. Make joy as much a part of you as your name is. Why? Because a joy-propelled life is an extraordinary life.

Joyful people create astounding lives for themselves. Their joy makes them lighthouses attracting shiploads of delight. And their joy makes them beacons showing othersrepparttar way.

Joy’s A Buffer, A Bonfire

Joy is like a shield fromrepparttar 123907 negatives in life. Joyful people are protected from joyless things such as ailments, pauperism, and sluggishness. Joy brings energy and insight to do grand, glorious, and gifted deeds. Joyful people are having too much fun and are too full of vim and verve for dismal, Drama Zone conditions.

People are attracted torepparttar 123908 joy in others and people just feel good making their joyful associates even more joyful and successful. Joy is catching and communicable and contagious. One joyful person in a room or company or family can ignite a whole group. The fire of joy can burn away all things negative.

Wow! That joy is mighty powerful. Name yourself joy. Proclaim yourself joy! Today!

Where Do I Go To Get This Joy?

Two very effective ways to quickly create joy in yourself? Gratitude and memory. Look around at your life and make a list -- in writing --of allrepparttar 123909 things for which you are grateful. Add torepparttar 123910 list whenever you get chance. If you find yourself dwelling on what you lack, read your list. Make that growing list a part of you and it will grow even faster. Sing your list, waltz with it, write it in all your favorite colors.

And sit down frequently and think of times when you were most joyful. Truly remember them and feel them. Infuse yourself withrepparttar 123911 joy of those memories. Letrepparttar 123912 joy from your past leap forward from memory into now. Catchrepparttar 123913 leaping joy with a smile and wear it inside and out. Then jump for joy as you become practiced in calling joy to you any time you desire.

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