10 Ways To Sell Your Products At Warp Speed

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Give your potential customers a bonus that will actually pay for their purchase. It could be money saving coupons, an affiliate program, etc.

2. Sell a lead in product for super cheap, even if you loose a little money. If people like it, you have a greater chance to sell your higher price product.

3. Give people a free version of your product. If it does what you say they, will pay forrepparttar up-grade or deluxe version to get more benefits.

4. Ask your visitors outcome questions in your ad copy like: "Where do you want to be financiallyrepparttar 127440 next two years?" This'll persuade them to buy.

5. Give your product away for free to people that will agree to influence your target audience to buy it. It could be experts, famous athletes, actors, etc.


Written by Meredith Pond

Sales letters are one ofrepparttar most popular forms of advertising today, and have been for some time. The reason for this is simple: they work. However, with no pure form and no specific requirements for format, length, etc., writing a truly effective sales letter can be a daunting task for evenrepparttar 127439 most seasoned marketing professional.

To come up with a sales letter that sizzles without turning your prospects off, there are a few general rules you'd be wise to follow.

First, let's talk about length. In my line of work, I see a lot of sales letters. Most of these are one to three pages long, which is generally appropriate for a sales letter. Justrepparttar 127440 other day, however, I got a call from a man who wanted to know how much I would charge him to edit his sales letter, complaining that he just wasn't gettingrepparttar 127441 results he wanted. When I asked him how longrepparttar 127442 letter was, he replied, "it's about twelve pages." Twelve pages!! Would you want to be pitched to for twelve whole pages? Yuck!

When you sit down to write your sales letter, ask yourself how much patience you have when reading something of this nature. Would you get bored, even angry, if someone expected you to keep reading their sales letter for five pages? Three pages? When writing your letter, be mindful of your target audience and their schedules. If your prospects are unlikely to have more than five or ten minutes to devote to your sales pitch, try stick to one page.

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