10 Ways To Make Your E-mails Grab Attention!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Use extra white space creatively in your subject line. You can add extra blank spaces between your words or letters.

2. Combine capital letters with lower case letters. Use all capital letters in every other word or use a capital letter between every other lower case letter.

3. Add text symbols in your subject line. You could use them between words and letters. Start and end your subject with a text symbol. ( *, $, >,{,] )

4. Begin your subject line withrepparttar word "STOP!". People have been trained their whole life to stop what they are doing when they see that word.

5. Ask people a question in your subject line. We all went to school and were repetitively branded to answer questions.

6. Userepparttar 109638 word "FREE" in your subject line. Your offer should be attractive to your target audience. It could be free information, software, trials, etc.

Email Business Etiquette

Written by BB Lee

Email Business Etiquette! by BB Lee (C)2002

Email etiquette is fundamental stuff...for most Online Business people. In fact, think of how you respond to Online messages as important image management. Handling your messagesrepparttar correct way will make you appear professional while building your reputation Online as a responsive, attentive, business person, who really cares about his customers. Inrepparttar 109637 long run this will surely build your "rep" and your income.

Researchers estimate up to 75% of business people Online do not use good email etiquette. They risk their Online messages seeming rude, offensive, blatant sales pitches, or plain annoying. Here are a few suggestions to adapt to your situation.

1. Keep an open line of communication running between you and your customers or subscribers. Post your contact information in clear view on your web page. This will make it easier for people to email you if they have questions or problems.

2. Answer all important email within a 48 hour period. If you don't this would be considered poor business practice or just plain rude. 3. Do not respond to angry email with like behavior. You have much better things to do than start a "flame war." Instead ignore their remarks and block their messages using your email program. Or simply let them haverepparttar 109638 last word. This will prompt an immediate end.

4. I've seen this far too many times. Do not respond to an email message in all capitals packed with exclamation points. This is rude and very unprofessional. I don't know about you, but all capitals LOOKS LIKE SCREAMING TO ME!!!!!!

5. Spell check all your email before hittingrepparttar 109639 send button. Why risk a bunch of typo's turning off a potential customer? Most email programs have a spell check included. Use it! 6. Don't answer a client's email with a dozen affiliate links at repparttar 109640 bottom of your message. Do I have to explain this one? This marketing method is prone to backfire and turn off potential customer's and subscribers.

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