10 Ways To Increase Your Free eBook Downloads!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Anticipaterepparttar objections your visitors might have about your free ebook offer. You should research your target audience's needs and wants.

2. Allow your visitors to feel good about themselves by giving them compliments. If they feel good, they will also feel good about downloading your ebook.

3. Tell your visitorsrepparttar 108539 emotional and logical reasons why they should download your free ebook. It can berepparttar 108540 goals they'll acomplish, positive feelings, etc.

4. Publish a list of respected or famous people that have downloaded your free ebook. Just remember to get their legal permission first.

5. Tell people what they're thinking and feeling as they read your ebook ad. Most people will start to actually do it, statements should back uprepparttar 108541 ebook.

6. Make your free ebook offer very rare. People perceive things that are rare as being more valuable. You could use a limited time offer or free bonuses.


Written by Larry Dotson


Offer a customized e-information product instead of writing a whole ebook and guessing what info people will buy. Just let them decide. You could charge people to e-mail you five to ten questions that they wantrepparttar answers to.

After they order, take them to a private web site where you would have a special e-mail address or form they could use to e-mail yourepparttar 108538 questions. You would then e-mail them backrepparttar 108539 answers to their questions. If you're an expert, it will be pretty easy to answerrepparttar 108540 questions without any research.

You can also get away with charging a high price for customized information. You could charge a one time fee, per question or even a subscription fee. You would have to limitrepparttar 108541 number of questions they could ask every month unless you have a big staff.


Create an ebook to sell for a one time price. Then insiderepparttar 108542 ebook sell subscriptions torepparttar 108543 monthly updates ofrepparttar 108544 ebook. You'll make money up front and still have a chance to make residual income. Plus, it's an instant back end product.

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