10 Ways To Have People Keep On Coming Back To Your Site

Written by Darren Yates

1: Original and Fresh Content

Present your visitors content they cannot find anywhere else. Not all your content has to be 100% original, but a good percentage of your site should have original content. People are more likely to read information they havenít read before. Add new content to your site regularly.

2: Surveys

Hold a survey/poll on your site. Or have visitors email their vote or opinion. People love to give their opinion. They'll also come back to checkrepparttar status ofrepparttar 139130 survey and again to viewrepparttar 139131 results.

3: Prize Draws

Hold a monthly prize draw on your site. The prizes should be something of interest or value to your visitors and of course related to your site. Most people who enter will continually come back to your site to checkrepparttar 139132 results. Keep it monthly don'y be lazy and make it tri-monthly or six monthly. You can also list your site on a prize draw directory and draw even more traffic.

4: Quizes

Run a quiz or a series of trivia questions. Postrepparttar 139133 correct answers weekly on your site. The people who take part will want to come back to your site to see if they were right.

5: News

Supply news stories related to your site topic. People want current and up-to-date news. If you can be their first source, they'll become repeat visitors to your site.

Blog and PingÖ.The Basics!

Written by Terry Till

The buzz words onrepparttar internet atrepparttar 138944 moment are Blogging and Pinging and according torepparttar 138945 internet guruís we should all be looking at these asrepparttar 138946 must have system to be attracting visitors to our site and consequentially making revenue.

At first glance you may be forgiven for thinking that this is a new comedic duo just bursting onrepparttar 138947 entertainment scene, but seriously what is Blogging and Pinging and how will it help us to become a viable internet site owner and if indeed an internet marketer, make a serious income online.

Put in its most simplistic terms a Blog is an online discussion web site that allows both yourepparttar 138948 web owner and your visitors to voice their opinion on a specific subject. When starting a Blog I would suggest that you aim at providing information and commenting on a targeted niche subject rather than a generalised matter. For instance rather than run a Blog on dogs why not specialise on Welsh Corgiís or some other breed. This will be of interest to Welsh Corgi owners and will result in your blog acquiring a steady flow of targeted and interested visitors.

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