10 Ways To Get Your Ads Or Messages Noticed

Written by Ahmad Munawwar

Do you post to message boards, e-mail discussion lists, classified ads sites, FFA sites or newsgroups? People will usually readrepparttar subject line before they read your ad or message, so it's important they get noticed. Below are ten simple, but powerful tips to get your ads or messages noticed.

1. Use extra white space creatively in your subject line. You can add extra blank spaces between your words or letters.

2. Combine capital letters with lower case letters. Use all capital letters in every other word or use a capital letter between every other lower case letter.

3. Add text symbols in your subject line. You could use them between words and letters. Start and end your subject with a text symbol. ( *, $, >,{,] )

4. Begin your subject line withrepparttar 141247 word "STOP!". People have been trained their whole life to stop what they are doing when they see that word.

5. Ask people a question in your subject line. We all went to school and were repetitively branded to answer questions.

Advertise Your Way.... All The Way To The Bank

Written by Monica Woolrich

Marketing something? The answer is inrepparttar advertising;repparttar 141178 collective word given to attract public attention to a product, item or service for sale. Advertising can be done via many different mediums. You can advertise on radio, in magazines and on television. You can even advertise onrepparttar 141179 World Wide Web. There is no limit with advertising!

Advertising can be seen on everything from telephone poles to billboards to taxis. With so many advertising options available to you, it pays to researchrepparttar 141180 appropriate type of advertising plans before you start promoting your item, product or service especially ifrepparttar 141181 end result is for there to be a sale.

Advertising can be walking and talking. How many times have you seen products just walk outrepparttar 141182 door from word of mouth advertising? Advertising does not need to be expensive, however it needs to fitrepparttar 141183 purpose and audience for which it is intended. For example, if you are selling a piece of used furniture, your most obvious choices would be to seek advertising inrepparttar 141184 newspaper classifieds or onrepparttar 141185 community notice board to gainrepparttar 141186 attention ofrepparttar 141187 general public. Should you want to sell some high value new products, an advertising campaign would need to be devised in order to targetrepparttar 141188 appropriate audience.

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