10 Ways To Boost Your Websites Appearance and Gain Traffic

Written by Chase York

First of all you want to keep it simple, that's what web surfers really want. You always want your site to look clean and professional. In my experience most people simply hit 'Back' on their browser when they get to a cluttered site. If you keep it neet and organized most people will stay long enough to see what your site is actually about. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Create a "Site Map" on your homepage or index. A site map should contain links to every single page of your website. These maps can be helpful for people but even more so for search engines, because when a search engine "crawls"repparttar "spiders" it sends will have an easier time accessing every page of your website. This will help your site get listed in many different search engines.

Besidesrepparttar 131572 site map, make a navigation bar or nav bar. These nav bars are alot easier for people to use and should be totally visible on every page of your website. Be sure to put links to every main page of your site inrepparttar 131573 nav bar too.

Purchase or download some type of image creating/editing software. Your site looks alot better with a custom professional looking logo and other images.

Add some type of attracting feature to your website. These can range from a Game ofrepparttar 131574 week, to Joke ofrepparttar 131575 day, Horoscopes, or any other thing that will get peoples attention, but be sure to update it as much as you say you will. This adds "stickiness" to your website and will attracted new visitors and hopefully keep old ones coming back.

Make an archive or landmarks page. People enjoy reading aboutrepparttar 131576 past issues of your e-zine or goals your site has accomplished inrepparttar 131577 past.

Add some interactive things to your site like a forum, or a live chat room. People enjoy talking to others about how good they think your site is. Forums and chat rooms also add stickiness to your site.

Does Google Hire "Mad Scientists?"

Written by Jim Edwards

Online search giant, Google, often testsrepparttar waters for new services by rolling out a "beta" (first) version of an idea to gauge public reaction.

By employing this strategy, it's easy to imagine a building full of creative, "mad scientist" types cooking uprepparttar 131570 latest and greatest online gizmos.

In fact, you can take a peek at what's cooking at Google by logging on to http://labs.google.com.

There you'll find glimpses ofrepparttar 131571 true "bleeding edge" technology Google thinks will shaperepparttar 131572 way we use information onrepparttar 131573 Internet inrepparttar 131574 very near future.

** Online Video Search **

Log on to http://video.google.com to seerepparttar 131575 next step in Google's quest to becomerepparttar 131576 world's foremost repository of online and offline information.

This first attempt at providing searchable data about video is currently restricted to recent television shows.

Unlikerepparttar 131577 video search at rival Yahoo! ( http://video.yahoo.com ) which provides a searchable database of actual video clips available for viewing right online, Google's video search results takerepparttar 131578 browser to a page with still frame images and text transcripts ofrepparttar 131579 show.

Since it rates much easier to search text than video, this particular format of transcript combined with still frame should win out overrepparttar 131580 straight video clip method (at least for now).

** Help With Keyword Searches **

One problem everyone encounters periodically online involves wanting to find something, but not knowing exactly how to phraserepparttar 131581 request to a search engine.

You sort of know what you want, but aren't 100% sure how to phrase it, orrepparttar 131582 results you get fromrepparttar 131583 phrases you use don't give yourepparttar 131584 results you want.

Log on to http://labs.google.com and clickrepparttar 131585 "Google Suggest" link (currently third link fromrepparttar 131586 top onrepparttar 131587 left side ofrepparttar 131588 page).

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