10 Underground Tips For Inflating Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Utilize holidays to increase your visitors or sales. You could give away free electronic greeting cards, hold discounts, send customers holiday cards, etc.

2. Become well known by speaking or chatting at seminars. The seminars could be held offline, in a chat room, by telephone or via e-mail.

3. Start a free ebook club on your web site. People could sign up to receive a free ebook from you each month. Just include your product ad inrepparttar ebooks.

4. Give away your products or expertise to internet business newbies. Just ask them in return to place your link on their web site.

5. Trigger your visitors to buy your products by using colors. You should totally relax and think about which colors would compel prospects to order.

6. Let your past offline customers know about your web site. When they visit and sign up to your e-zine it will remind them to shop at your online store.

Bosco Goes To Work?

Written by Pat Murray

A Job or a J.OB.?

Bosco has a job. His boss, Mr. Crabapple, seems to have hemorrhoids everyday. When they kick up, old Crabapple gives all his employees, well, grief!

Fang atrepparttar next desk at Bosco's job, thinks Bosco has lost his mind. How dare any of Fang's friends think they could make something of themselves! Working all day at work, then "working" at home with that "home-based" stuff.

Bosco's job stands for "Just Over Broke". He has dreams of sending his kids to college and taking a trip to Australia. Even his wife thinks he's nuts. And Fang? Well, lets just say he's doubtful of Bosco's sanity.

Who wouldn't want to be tied to a job? Of course, ifrepparttar 117706 company decides to downsize, your job is safe, right? Think again. Just ask those folks at a certain company in repparttar 117707 last month if their job was safe.

Time off? Forget it if Mr. Crabapple's son wantsrepparttar 117708 same days off. Guess who's getting what time off? Not you, buddy boy!

Will Home-based Work Be Easier?

Yes and no.

Bosco has his job, and is working from home. He works 8 hours, then comes home and spends several hours on his home-based business. Fang thinks he is too busy.

Bosco knows his plan, and is working it. In a year or so, he can replace his income at Crabapple Incorporated with his home business. Thenrepparttar 117709 commute will be about ten seconds. Fromrepparttar 117710 bathroom to his computer and phone.

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