10 Tips to Preparing a Super Speech

Written by Jim M. Allen

1. Start early.

If you have to give a speech, start preparing it sooner not later. The more time you have to prepare,repparttar more confident you'll be.

2. Research your audience.

Find out everything you can about WHO you will be speaking to.... What things do your audience members have in common? What arerepparttar 125564 challenges they face? What is their education? The more answers you have to questions like these,repparttar 125565 more you can focus your talk to something that they'll want to hear.

3. Don't worry about being original.

If you speak passionately, from your heart, and believe what you say, it doesn't matter if you'rerepparttar 125566 first person or 15th to speak on your particular subject. The originality you provide is YOUR VOICE.

4. Keep it simple.

Smaller, shorter chunks of information are easier for audiences to absorb

5. Make them an offer...

Offer your audience a solution to a problem, a challenge to how they think or act, or an opportunity to learn something new. Create your speech around that offer ("Today I'm going to give you 3 tools to eliminate procrastination from your life forever...")

Need A Job To Call Your Own?

Written by Kathy Thompson

How did you choose your job? Are you satisfied with your career choice? "It is my mission to help people findrepparttar career they can call their own." Stated Career Coach Kathy Thompson.

After years of working inrepparttar 125563 wrong jobs, Thompson now helps people find themselves andrepparttar 125564 career they were "born" to. "It's so frustrating going from job to job and finding something missing. It was never right. It was never satisfying or fulfilling."

To save others from going throughrepparttar 125565 same thing, Thompson developedrepparttar 125566 "Career4U Profile".

The "Career4U Profile" is a three part system; The Survey, Your Assets, and Mirror, Mirror onrepparttar 125567 Wall. What makes it so unique is Thompson's use of physiognomy(face reading) to determinerepparttar 125568 personality andrepparttar 125569 career that matches it.

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