10 Tips on the Right Time of Day for Your Personal Best

Written by Eve Abbott, the Organizer Extraordinaire

10 Tips onrepparttar Right Time of Day for Your Personal Best By Eve Abbott,the Organizer Extraordinaire Excerpted from her new book "How to Do Space Age Work with a Stone Age Brain" TM

Can choosing which time we do an activity really make a difference in our performance?

Have you ever wondered what would berepparttar 141494 best time of day (or week) to do different kinds of work? Every person's internal clock runs onrepparttar 141495 Human Circadian Timeline. Except those who have been on graveyard shift for years!

This isrepparttar 141496 schedule by which our body systems (including our brain) 'take care of business'. Every work day is divided into cycles that match our naturally heightened abilities - both physically and mentally.

The trick is to take advantage of identifying and using this information to schedule your work and life activities accordingly.

Circadian rhythms are present at birth andrepparttar 141497 body temperature cycle emerges between 6 to 9 months for infants. Byrepparttar 141498 age of threerepparttar 141499 adrenal system is coordinating a complete daily cycle or timeline.

The adrenal glands in coordination with our pituitary, hypothalamus, pineal glands control both our internal clock and our stress reaction.

This means our stress levels are in direct proportion to how far off we are from our natural time cycle.

Body temperature cycle doesn't vary so much from person to person. But, studies show our natural rhythms do shorten as we age. Mental conditions like depression in which sleep disturbance is common and physical illness of any kind disruptrepparttar 141500 daily cycle.

However, healthy people keep their innate circadian cycle throughout their life.

Although each body system has its own rhythm, generally cell replacement peaks between noon and nine pm. The skin andrepparttar 141501 liver arerepparttar 141502 only organs which replenish worn out tissues with new ones at night and this process peaks by midnight.

The brain isrepparttar 141503 only organ that functions without cell replacement - So, we'd better take better care ofrepparttar 141504 one we have!

Setting Your Internal Clock To work and live at our best, we need our internal circadian rhythm in harmony or synchronized withrepparttar 141505 environmental cues (i.e., light and dark, temperature etc).

Human beings grow faster, produce more offspring, enjoy better health, do better work and live longer when time setting environment cycles match.

This makes it easy to understandrepparttar 141506 fact that graveyard shift (midnight to eight am) workers experience more accidents than day and evening shifts combined. Also, more ofrepparttar 141507 worst auto accidents occur after midnight. Our bodies 'know' we should be asleep!

One night of short sleep does not affect overall performance. However, several nights of sleep deprivation leads to dull sensory perceptions (vision, hearing etc.). Plus, longer reaction time, slower motor coordination, reduced memory retrieval, combined with lowered new memorization ability, as well as increased irritability.

These are exactlyrepparttar 141508 functions we need to do good work - including decreased irritability.

Light isrepparttar 141509 number one influence… and most powerful internal clock setting factor for most life on our planet. Obviously, different mammals have different clocks; cats are active at night and sleep all day and people are active duringrepparttar 141510 day and sleep at night.

Reportedly, no one had heart attacks prior torepparttar 141511 1800s (then, city dwelling andrepparttar 141512 rise of industrial work using artificial light).

Number two influence is temperature… For example, people's sleep and Rapid Eye Movement (REM) or dream cycles are disturbed and they awake more often whenrepparttar 141513 sleeping temperature is above 75 degrees.

Whenrepparttar 141514 sleeping temperature is below 65 degrees dreams become unpleasant and contain emotional conflict. Working in a cold room increases your chances of a repetitive stress injury.

Number three is eating. Did you know that Japanese people who are most Americanized have five timesrepparttar 141515 heart disease compared to those who practice more traditional cultural habits and diet?

Number four is sounds for most species. As you might expect, sound is an especially strong factor for auditory dominant learners like myself. Studies have indicated that among people living underrepparttar 141516 airport approach route there is a thirty percent higher rate of admissions to mental hospitals.

Exercise Regular exercise increases everyone's cognition capability and releases stress from our bodies. For most men,repparttar 141517 best time to exercise is inrepparttar 141518 afternoon. Women who exercise inrepparttar 141519 morning raise serotonin levels, which prompts a positive mental state.

If you exercise inrepparttar 141520 evening it disturbsrepparttar 141521 natural slowing down cycle leading to sleep. So a good thing like exercise can be even better if you know repparttar 141522 best timing. Ifrepparttar 141523 only time you can exercise isrepparttar 141524 afternoon - go ahead!

Rise, Knight...Slay The Dragons In Your Path...Then Claim The Golden Crown

Written by Gabriel Daniels

The following is a powerful technique you can use to conquer your fears...and attain your dreams.

Imagine yourself being a brave knight, complete with armor, shield, helmet, and sword (or any weapon of your choice...ex. spear, bow and arrow, etc.). In other words, “act as if” you are a brave knight (one who has fought and won countless battles). You can do this with eyes open or closed...whichever you find more comfortable.

Standrepparttar way a brave or fearless knight would stand. Breatherepparttar 141415 way a brave knight would breathe. Gazerepparttar 141416 way a brave knight would gaze. Feel yourself havingrepparttar 141417 same kind of resolve and determination a brave knight would have.

And in your mind's eye, focus on your target (your dream...visualize it vividly) inrepparttar 141418 distance (forrepparttar 141419 purpose of this article, let's just use a “golden crown” asrepparttar 141420 target to symbolize your dream...when you're applying this technique on your own, visualize exactly what it is you want instead ofrepparttar 141421 golden crown), with such intensity, that you're absolutely sure that nothing can stop you from attaining it. Better yet, believe that it's already yours.

Imaginerepparttar 141422 golden crown with a bright light around it...as if it were drawing you towards it like a magnet...as if it were saying to you, “Come claim me. I'm yours.”

Then, in your mind's eye, walk confidently and courageously towardsrepparttar 141423 glowing crown. (If you wish to ride a horse instead, then go right ahead. You can even fly and do all kinds of acrobatics...just like what they do in The Matrix. Use your imagination torepparttar 141424 fullest.)

And on your way torepparttar 141425 crown, imagine one fire-breathing dragon after another flying towards you...trying to stop you from reachingrepparttar 141426 crown. (Include as many senses in your visualizations as possible. Hearrepparttar 141427 dragons' wings flap. Hearrepparttar 141428 noise they make...includingrepparttar 141429 sound of their breathing. See their huge, red eyes staring at you. Feelrepparttar 141430 heat of their breath. And so on.)

As each dragon comes towards you, strike it with your sword. And as your sword hits each one, imagine it getting blown to smithereens—just likerepparttar 141431 vampires in Buffyrepparttar 141432 Vampire Slayer or Blade. (If you wish, you can make it even more graphic. It's up to you how you want to seerepparttar 141433 dragons defeated...how you want to see “your fears” defeated.) Use your imagination torepparttar 141434 fullest. Don't worry, no one will know you're doing this. Remember, you're merely visualizing all of this. So just go all out.

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