10 Tips for Setting up A Home Office

Written by June Campbell

Setting up a home office that will enhance productivity while offering comfort isn't as simple as it sounds. Many home workers juggle and struggle to determinerepparttar best setup for their needs.

Think Comfort Studies show that efficiency decreases when we are uncomfortable. Lesson to be learned: don't sacrifice comfort for beauty when selecting your furnishings.

Use Mobile Furniture Reduce grunt work. Few of us enjoy an hour spent shoving and pulling a heavy filing cabinet from one side ofrepparttar 117772 room torepparttar 117773 other. Office furniture with wheels or similar mobility aids will make life much simpler. It's easy to set up, easy to rearrange, easy to move for cleaning or to retrieve lost items.

Remember to take accurate wall measurements before you go shopping for office furniture. Take wallboards, heating ducts and other such items into account.

Some manufacturers are making office furniture with adjustable surfaces so you can work either sitting or standing. Before buying, be sure your home office has adequate space for this feature.

Think Convenience How much fun will it be when you have to crawl under a desk on your belly to attach your new printer torepparttar 117774 back ofrepparttar 117775 computer? Computer makers don't make things easy for us, but with a little pre-planning, you can place your computer so you can actually get at those hookups when you need to.

Check Your Wiring Make sure your home's wiring is adequate to accommodate office machinery and various computer hookups. Ensure you that you can use three- pronged plugs to ground your equipment. Check for electrical hazards -- being especially cautious of hazards to children and pets.

Be Mindful of Wall Outlets and Phone Jacks Stringing a long cord acrossrepparttar 117776 living room and into your home office isn't a look that Martha Stewart would endorse. If your office area doesn't have outlets, you won't regretrepparttar 117777 cash it takes to have them installed.

Snow Birds

Written by Bob Osgoodby

Many people who live in a colder climate go south duringrepparttar winter, and are often referred to as "Snow Birds". Others move there permanently after retirement, and some find it's not all "peaches and cream". Their retirement income may not enough to liverepparttar 117771 life style they wish, so they look about for other ways to generate additional earnings.

Many are attracted torepparttar 117772 Internet, and some do very well while others do not. Those that do not may get quickly disenchanted, and writerepparttar 117773 Internet off as just a lot of hype, where you can't earn anything. That's like getting a flat tire in your car, and swearing thatrepparttar 117774 automobile has no future.

Anyone going into business onrepparttar 117775 Internet, must do several things if they hope to achieve success. Probablyrepparttar 117776 first thing is to recognize and avoidrepparttar 117777 "get rich quick" schemes, that promise great earnings in a short period of time, with little if any effort on your part. People quickly find their email overflowing with all kinds of offers like this. Everything from illegal chain letters, torepparttar 117778 Nigerian money laundering scam that promises you 25 percent of 35 million dollars, start arriving and unfortunately a lot of people bite.

Believingrepparttar 117779 hype of some affiliate deals, they join a few and quickly find that they don't have to install a bigger mailbox to hold allrepparttar 117780 payments they thought they would get. Many of these programs require that you pay a monthly fee to be involved, andrepparttar 117781 founders arerepparttar 117782 only ones making money. If someone tells you that you don't have to work, forget about it. Like any other business, if you don't put forth any effort, your chances of success are slim to none.

Even if you do allrepparttar 117783 right things, like your car, you may get a flat tire alongrepparttar 117784 way. That is notrepparttar 117785 time to quit. You may experience several failures before findingrepparttar 117786 right one.

Before "jumping in with both feet" however, examine some ofrepparttar 117787 offers being made onrepparttar 117788 Internet. The very best way to do this is to subscribe to some online publications and reviewrepparttar 117789 ads. Paid ads that appear on a regular basis are a good sign of potentially good opportunities. Ifrepparttar 117790 advertisers were not making any money, they wouldn't be spending their hard earned money for them.

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