10 Tips To Help You Create Your Own Money Making Affiliate Program

Written by Ken Hill

1. View your affiliate program as a partnership between you and your affiliates, and make it your priority to develop good relationships between you and your affiliate sales force.

2. Answer any questions your visitors or affiliates have about your affiliate program in a fast and friendly manner.

Remember that nothing will turn your affiliates or visitors off of your affiliate program faster than an unanswered email. Your affiliates must know that you take them andrepparttar effort they make to promote your business seriously.

3. Track all of your affiliates' sales accurately and fairly.

Your affiliates should be able to earn commissions on their referrals even if their referral comes back months, or even a year later and makes a purchase.

4. Save time and money by making your affiliate program, like your business, as automated as possible.

Your affiliate program software should allow you to automatically notify your affiliates by email whenever they've made a sale, referred a new affiliate if your affiliate program is two-tier, as well as show your affiliates how many hits, sales, and commissions they've generated in real time.

5. Attract more affiliates by paying a high commission, offering a two-tier commission structure, paying commissions on repeat customers, or by giving your affiliatesrepparttar 102477 opportunity to earn residual commissions if you provide a service that is paid for on a subscription basis.

6. Give your affiliates plenty of resources that they can use to promote your products.

This could include your own marketing courses that your affiliates can give away to their visitors or subscribers, ad copy that you've found has produced sales for you, ebooks that they can rebrand with their affiliate URL, or sample recommendations of your products.

Taking It Personally

Written by Ryan Hamner

So, finally, you have finishedrepparttar design of your web site, or your targeted email ad that is going to blow your counter off ofrepparttar 102476 page-and a fine piece of work it is! You've gotrepparttar 102477 scripts,repparttar 102478 applets, andrepparttar 102479 flash animations all ready for their big debut. You've got graphics that would impress George Lucas, but does your content haverepparttar 102480 personality of a storm trooper?

Lately, as I browserepparttar 102481 web looking for new information, new tips, new tricks, new affiliate programs, new books, new success stories, I run into very cold, impersonal content that gives merepparttar 102482 same feeling as being in math class forrepparttar 102483 first time in junior high. I'm, of course, a human, and we humans love to feel cozy and at home. So when tuning in to a site, an email, an ezine, I don't want to feel like a fresh college grad on my way torepparttar 102484 first day onrepparttar 102485 job, wandering down Peachtree Street in Atlanta. I want to feel like I have just been invited into my neighbor's home. Well, I guess it might depend on just whorepparttar 102486 neighbor is! It's a simple concept: make your audience feel comfortable, and they will not walk out on you. With comfort, comes trust, and with trust, comes a relationship. Be direct, but simplify your message. Talk to your audience; it's okay to userepparttar 102487 words "you" and "your." You know?

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