10 Tips On Cutting Plywood Correctly

Written by Cedar Creek Woodshop

10 Tips On Cutting Plywood Correctly

1. Avoid Cross Cutting – Plywood tends to chiprepparttar most when cut across its width (grain). Cutting alongrepparttar 143786 length ofrepparttar 143787 wood will help to reduce chipping.

2. Userepparttar 143788 Right Blade – Special blades are manufactured for different cutting jobs. The number of teeth, width, angle, and rake ofrepparttar 143789 blade all impactrepparttar 143790 cut. Choose a blade that best matches your specific cutting situation.

3. Circular Saw – cut withrepparttar 143791 “best face” down.

4. Table Saw – cut withrepparttar 143792 “best face” up.

5. Scorerepparttar 143793 Cut First – Runrepparttar 143794 plywood throughrepparttar 143795 saw removing only a minimal amount of wood. The next cut will leave a cleaner cut.

6. Masking Tape – Put masking tape overrepparttar 143796 cut line to help keeprepparttar 143797 fibers onrepparttar 143798 edge from pulling up.

Building a pair of heavy duty saw horses

Written by Dave Markel

This pair of heavy duty saw horses is stable, sturdy and able to hold far more then most people will subject them to. Built from two by material, these saw horses will last a lifetime.

Start out by measuring and cutting all your stock according torepparttar cutting list and set it aside. Takerepparttar 143612 legs and mark outrepparttar 143613 tapers. The taper starts 20" up fromrepparttar 143614 bottom. The leg tapers to 3-1/2" atrepparttar 143615 bottom. Repeat for allrepparttar 143616 legs and cut out.

The legs joinrepparttar 143617 main stretchers at 75°. This cut is best made with a circular saw. Mark your lines, clamprepparttar 143618 stock on edge and cut. Fliprepparttar 143619 stock over torepparttar 143620 other edge and makerepparttar 143621 through cut.

Time for some assembly. Onrepparttar 143622 main stretcher mark a line 1-1/2" from each end. This isrepparttar 143623 outer face ofrepparttar 143624 leg. Now make a second mark in from one edge 1". This isrepparttar 143625 top ofrepparttar 143626 leg. Do this for each leg on both stretchers.

Apply some glue torepparttar 143627 angled side ofrepparttar 143628 leg and position onrepparttar 143629 marks you just made onrepparttar 143630 stretcher. Secure with 4 - 2" screws. Repeat for allrepparttar 143631 legs.

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