10 Tips For Writing Powerful Articles

Written by Michael Pollock

Writing articles is a great method to create exposure for yourself and your Internet business. In fact, I'd suggest it'srepparttar best marketing tool you can use.

Webmasters and newsletter publishers are always looking for good content. Further, aside from your time investment, it's completely free advertising.

Here are 10 practical tips to ensure your articles get published and read by others.

1. Write to serve. Before writing an article, ask yourself what problem it will help others solve. Some ofrepparttar 129804 more common issues people deal with revolve around a lack of something, whether it's time, money, self-confidence or just joy in life. How will your article help with these issues.

2. Grab their attention early. If possible, intend to "hook" your reader right fromrepparttar 129805 get-go. Ideally, your title should berepparttar 129806 hook. When creatingrepparttar 129807 title, ask yourself if it would make you want to readrepparttar 129808 article. Your first paragraph should also serve as a hook , as well as a general introduction torepparttar 129809 article content.

3. Write to one person only. Forgetrepparttar 129810 fact your article will be read by many people and write to only one person, just like I'm doing with you now.

4. Keeprepparttar 129811 flow logical. Don't bounce around from one idea torepparttar 129812 next. Each paragraph should logically followrepparttar 129813 next. Although there may be different ideas expressed in each paragraph, they should dovetail off each other.

5. Use quotes to support your main idea. Quotes from famous people are a great method to reinforce your ideas. They help you make your point and add credibility to your overall message. I userepparttar 129814 quote library found at Motivation Mecca http://www.joshhinds.com or Uinspire at http://www.uinspire.com

15 Key Questions About Writing Your Own Tips Booklet

Written by Paulette Ensign

Everyone has something they wantrepparttar world to know about and a tips booklet is a great way to do that. More than 500,000 copies in three languages of a tips booklet called '110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life' have been sold, all without spending a penny on advertising. Here are some questions to get your tips (and cash) flowing. You can mine your own field of gold by looking at any promotional literature you have created, audio or video tapes you have produced, press releases or articles about or by you, your product catalog and even your business card.

1. What isrepparttar 129802 single most important subject from your experience or knowledge that you wantrepparttar 129803 world to know about? If there are several topics, which one is most compelling to you right now?

2. How would you narrow that subject down into segments? Do those segments create additional booklets to develop a series?

3. What do you wantrepparttar 129804 booklet to accomplish for you? Do you want to altruistically spreadrepparttar 129805 word about something? Will a booklet be a marketing tool for your business? Can it be a profit center for you? Would you like it to be a marketing tool and a profit center?

4. What are you often surprised by that people do not know about your subject area? Is there something that seems so 'common sense' to you, while being highly helpful or enlightening to others?

5. What isrepparttar 129806 single most outstanding thing you want people to know? Is is a new skill, perspective, attitude, expanding general knowledge?

6. Does your information need to be presented sequentially or can it be random? Can a specific entry stand on its own or does it need whatever came before it to cause it to make sense torepparttar 129807 reader?

7. What do you want people to do and not to do, be or not be as a result of your booklet? How will this information be benefitrepparttar 129808 reader?

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