10 Tips For Grilling Perfect Seafood

Written by Shane Bryan

Grilled seafood can be a delightful culinary experience if done right. Many people shy away from seafood because they donít know what to do with it. Seafood makes a tasty, healthy meal onrepparttar grill. Did you know most fish has less than halfrepparttar 137294 fat of beef? I would rather put a nice salmon fillet onrepparttar 137295 grill any day. Grilling great seafood does takes a little practice. Iíve put together 10 tips to help you get started.

1. Always start with fresh fish if possible. You will have a better grilling experience. Previously frozen fish will also work; its just harder to work with. Plan on 6-8 ounces per person for fillets and 8-12 ounces per person when buying whole fish.

2. When grilling directly onrepparttar 137296 grill it is best to use a firm fleshed fish like grouper, marlin, salmon or tuna. A special fish and vegetable grid will make grilling easier. The finer mesh will help keep your food from falling through. You may even want to use a wire grill basket, especially for those more delicate fillets. This way you can turn your fish over without worrying about it breaking apart. You can even stick lemon slices betweenrepparttar 137297 fish and basket, if you wish.

3. Always make sure your grill is clean and well-lubricated with oil to prevent your fish from sticking. Fish breaks apart easily. If it sticks to your grill, you will have nothing but little pieces to serve. I like to saturate a paper towel with cooking oil and wipe down my grill before putting my food on. I havenít tried it yet, but PAM also has a cooking spray made just for grilling.

4. If your fish came withrepparttar 137298 skin on, leave it on. Always place your fish fillet flesh side down first. This will searrepparttar 137299 flesh, locking inrepparttar 137300 flavor and moisture. Turn over one-third to halfway throughrepparttar 137301 grilling.

5. Always grill your fish over a hot to medium-hot fire. To test this, hold your hand about 5 inches above your heat source. Your fire is hot if you can only hold it there foe about 2 seconds. 3-4 seconds would indicate a medium-hot fire. When cooking whole fish instead of fillets, you will want a slightly lower temperature asrepparttar 137302 cooking time will be longer.

Texas Cooking

Written by Two Cousins

The two girls met sometime ago at a much earlier age. They knew right away that they would become friends, if notrepparttar best of friends. Time passed and they would see each other at family functions and learn much about each other. Then one day, they both ended up inrepparttar 136714 same town atrepparttar 136715 same time. Their friendship then grew by leaps and bounds. They discovered they sharedrepparttar 136716 same date of birth; they each had two children (One had two boys andrepparttar 136717 other had two girls). They also realized that they sharedrepparttar 136718 same likes and dislikes and could almost finish each otherís sentences.

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