10 Tips For Chalking Up Extra Sales!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Increase your traffic by creating other web sites that relate torepparttar latest new fad. You just advertise your main web site on your fad web sites.

2. Host a free hall of fame or museum on your web site. It should be related to your target audience. It should attract people just like offline ones do.

3. Write your ideas on paper; bad and good ones. Don't get an idea and takerepparttar 127442 risk of forgetting it. It could be your future income or success.

4. Design your ad copy to target your visitors goals, dreams and desires. Allow your product to attract their emotional and physical needs.

5. Create a small treasure hunt. Allow people to get a discount on a product you sell if they find a certain graphic somewhere on your site.

10 Reasons Why People Won't Buy A Second Product From You!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. You didn't follow up afterrepparttar first sale. Afterrepparttar 127441 sale you could have introduced your other product onrepparttar 127442 thank e-mail.

2. You didn't shiprepparttar 127443 product inrepparttar 127444 about of time you stated. If they needed it in a hurry and you didn't provide, they won't rely on you again.

3. Your product didn't do as promised. If your product didn't accomplish their desired goal they're not going to think your second product will either.

4. Your customer couldn't get a hold of you in time when they had an "after question" sale. You could have added extra lines of communication.

5. Your customer doesn't want to revisit your web site because it didn't offer much. You could have offered more original content or freebies.

6. Your competition is offering free shipping with their product. You should have been more aware of how they are targeting your customers.

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