10 Time Saving Tips for Ezine Publishers

Written by Paul Easton

I recently spend several frustrating hours laying out and mailing an email newsletter. If you publish a free ezine, you will know its very time consuming to get allrepparttar information formatted correctly before sending. My long lesson should help you!

1. Use master templates

Create a master template using a word processor like MS word. Opening a word document, changerepparttar 124387 font to courier new - The same font that standard text files use.

Create a line of 60 characters acrossrepparttar 124388 page. Use "select all" then move your right hand margin torepparttar 124389 end ofrepparttar 124390 line, to setrepparttar 124391 margin forrepparttar 124392 whole document.

This stops this effect:

--- Hi Welcome to My ezine and Hope...etc ---

Include any details that go in every ezine. -Title, date, lines for layout, contents list copyright etc

Save as a "text file with Line breaks" You can use this to format all your ezines.

Dorepparttar 124393 same for any articles you write, so your articles are formatted and ready to cut and paste into your ezine.

2. Us a word processor A lot of editors' recommend using a new program just for your ezine, simply follow these steps:

Usingrepparttar 124394 master, open MS word or similar program and open your master file you have created. Now you can userepparttar 124395 grammar checker, spelling etc of a powerful program without formatting problems. When you paste any information, recheck repparttar 124396 margins.

Remember to check and save as July.txt or whatever for your newsletter and not over your master.

3. Another pair of eyes

Always get it checked "twice", wait untilrepparttar 124397 next day to read it again before sending. I use my wife as a first check, before it goes any further.

4. Check Send You can see what it looks like in your mailbox by using and email bounce service. Send it to mailto:echo@connectingonline.com or mailto:format@mail-list.com. It will bounce back to you. This is helpful especially if you publish an html mailing list.

Internet Business Doomed by Grand Theft

Written by Pamela Heywood

Every ezine I read these days, including all of my own,repparttar editors are having to waste valuable space reiteratingrepparttar 124386 rules or tightening them up because ofrepparttar 124387 variety of abuses that they suffer from unscrupulous subscribers. Listen up, because even if you are only guilty by association, you are contributing torepparttar 124388 death of your own business online.

It's not a few who are too selfish to readrepparttar 124389 rules, it's a daily deluge. It aught to be punishable as theft. It's so prolific, so large-scale it amounts to Grand Theft.

I reckon an editor's time is worthrepparttar 124390 same asrepparttar 124391 next person's and I presume that those of you who still go out to do a 9-5 don't say "Oh, that's OK, don't bother to pay me." atrepparttar 124392 end ofrepparttar 124393 week or month. Do you refuse all money in return for your online efforts? Not bloody likely!

OK, so why then are ezine editors different?

What do we get in return for our time? That's many hours spent handling allrepparttar 124394 list admin tasks that are necessary, keeping up with our subject matter, doing research, writing stuff, dealing with correspondence, scheduling ads, formatting it, making sure it has value torepparttar 124395 readers, sending it out on time ...

Yeah, we might get a few bucks worth of ad revenue, but don't ask me to work outrepparttar 124396 hourly rate, my calculator doesn't have that many decimal places!

No, we get bombarded with autoresponders, counter offers and "vacation" replies, we get false email addresses that bounce on us, we get free email addresses that are overrepparttar 124397 limits and bounce on us, we get spammed to death to our email addresses because some idiots think that a subscription to our ezine constitutes a "business relationship", moaners and whiners who don't likerepparttar 124398 rules and cant follow them ...

All of this clogs up our email accounts, has to be dealt with and ROBS us of our valuable time. Felony, theft, plain and simple.

Oh, that's on top of genuine feedback from actual humans that are subscribed --repparttar 124399 only sort of mail we do want, thank you.

There are also a breed of sub-humans who conveniently forget that they subscribed and accuse us of SPAM, which mean we have to spend half a day or more trying to clear our name. If an ezine requires that you subscribe to it, believe me it is NEVER spam.

I know who these characters are: they arerepparttar 124400 same sort that resort to road rage,repparttar 124401 psychologically immature that just have to find someone to blame -- for everything. They look to make trouble: like all perversions, they get kicks from it.

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