10 Thoughts On Picking a Cruise Ship Cabin

Written by Ken Weasley

The best advice is to be informed about cabins and pickrepparttar right cabin for you amongrepparttar 139716 thousands available on a cruise ship.

1. One ofrepparttar 139717 most difficult parts of planning for a cruise is choosingrepparttar 139718 right cabin. Everyone has different tastes, and what is not important to one person might well be important to you.

2. Look atrepparttar 139719 cruise ship layout and decks online or in brochures. Know that there are different types of cabins on different cruise ships. The biggest differences between cruise lines--mainstream and luxury--ships arerepparttar 139720 quality of accommodations.

3. Sometimes there are over 20 different categories on a ship! So it is important to knowrepparttar 139721 different cabin categories. One reason is that thanks to modern shipbuilding, most inside and outside staterooms are standard in size and amenities. Comparing one vessel's cabins against another is daunting task, so keep your eye onrepparttar 139722 square footage asrepparttar 139723 most important criteria.

4. Know your budget and what you can afford. The price of a cruise ship cabin or stateroom (the terms are interchangeable) is dependent on its size, layout, and location. The cabins on large cruise ships come in standard, ocean view, balcony, and suite. A luxury line's smallest cabins are much larger than those on large cruise lines and are either ocean view or balconied.

5. Know your lifestyle. Price is certainly a consideration, but if your vacation time is limited, you might be willing to pay more to get a cabin better suited to your lifestyle. It's a personal decision, much like deciding where to cruise and which ship to cruise on. How about an outside cabin with a window, or better yet a balcony? How about sitting onrepparttar 139724 balcony with a good book or using it to catch a breathe of sea air?

Condo-Hotels Ė A New Second-Home Alternative to Time Shares

Written by Leon Altman

Condo-hotels have evolved as a better, more reliable second home alternative to time-shares. They are usually attractive, high-rise hotels onrepparttar ocean or in other prime locations, and range in price fromrepparttar 139681 mid $200,000s to over 1 million, depending onrepparttar 139682 size, location, and amenities.

Many ofrepparttar 139683 biggest names inrepparttar 139684 hotel industry have condo-hotel buildings, including Hilton, Four Seasons, Clarion, and Ritz-Carlton. Donald Trump has numerous condo- hotel facilities acrossrepparttar 139685 country, including a building in Fort Lauderdale and another in Sunny Isles, Florida.

In general, condo-hotel properties have been highly successful with all or nearly all units selling out within months ofrepparttar 139686 first offering. For example,repparttar 139687 Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne is a beachfront property with 188 condo-hotel units, all of which sold out a year beforerepparttar 139688 building was even finished. Needless to say,repparttar 139689 values ofrepparttar 139690 condo-hotels in this building have gone up significantly.

There are several reasons forrepparttar 139691 popularity of condo-hotels. When you purchase a property, you purchase a condo unit inrepparttar 139692 hotel. Unlike a time share, you have access torepparttar 139693 property whenever you want, and it is put into a rental pool when you are not in residence. Although developers canít guaranteerepparttar 139694 properties will rent, management by a well-known hospitality group will typically result in several weeks of rental income. This is one ofrepparttar 139695 biggest appeals of condo-hotels becauserepparttar 139696 rental income can offset some ofrepparttar 139697 costs of owning a vacation property.

In addition,repparttar 139698 management company takes care of rentingrepparttar 139699 unit, using their connections and expertise. You donít have to worry about any of these details. Most rental agreements splitrepparttar 139700 income 50/50 betweenrepparttar 139701 management company andrepparttar 139702 owner. However, some properties offer more favorable arrangements, and this is another aspect to consider when deciding which property to purchase.

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