10 Things to Never Put on Your Resume

Written by Myrtis Smith

A resume is not meant to be your life story. You do not have to bare your soul and share every ugly detail of your work history. Your resume is your personal sales brochure whose only purpose is to get you an interview. To help show yourself inrepparttar best possible light, carefully choose what you put on and leave off of your resume.

You should (almost) never includerepparttar 125553 following:

1. Dates that reveal your age. Sad to say, but age discrimination is alive and well. Ways to avoid revealing your age include not showingrepparttar 125554 year you graduated from college and not listing all of your work experience (only includerepparttar 125555 most recent years that are most applicable torepparttar 125556 position you are applying for). If you are applying for a position that requires many years of experience, then your age may be an asset, otherwise don't take that chance.

2. Hobbies. Unless your hobby is directly related to your career, it's best to leave it off. Showing too many activities can causerepparttar 125557 employer to worry if they will interfere with your work. In addition,repparttar 125558 space used for discussing your hobbies could be better spent on discussing your skills. The interview may provide you with an opportunity to talk about your hobbies as it provides you with an opportunity to show how well rounded you are.

3. "References available upon request." This is a waste of space. Most often when you fill outrepparttar 125559 job application there will be a place for you to list your references. Userepparttar 125560 space on your resume to discuss job specific information.

4. Generic objectives. Objectives like "To obtain a challenging position in a fortune 500 company" don't say anything. Your objective statement should be custom tailored torepparttar 125561 position andrepparttar 125562 company you are applying for. You can also replace your objective statement with a skills summary or professional summary if you think that will better serve you.

5. Short lived jobs. Employers don't like job hoppers. Most employers want to believe that their employees will be around long enough for them to recouprepparttar 125563 dollars spent on training. Leave off any jobs that you only worked at for a few months. If you worked several jobs with a temporary or contracting agency, listrepparttar 125564 agency as your employer and each job as a project or assignment. Of course when it comes time to fill outrepparttar 125565 job application list all of your employers evenrepparttar 125566 short ones; but by then hopefully you'll already have an interview scheduled where you can then address any concerns or issues.

6. GPA. Once you are more than a couple of years out of college, your GPA becomes fairly irrelevant. The only exception to this may be careers where there is heavy emphasis placed on education; in that case it may do you good to include your GPA or class ranking. But even in those situations, if your GPA was average or low, don't draw attention to that fact by listing it.

Fashion Trends for Winter 2002 and Summer 2003

Written by Margot B

The fashion trends for winter 2002 and summer 2003 are varied: glamorous, classic, antique, or Egyptian, Latin American or Wild West inspired.

 A feminine 50's-inspired silhouette for suits and dresses; lingerie-inspired pieces, with touches of gold and silver;repparttar return ofrepparttar 125552 glamour wrap – all worn for day or evening. Stylish are feminine trouser-suits with short jackets, some more fitted atrepparttar 125553 waist than others, in cotton or linen gabardine with double cuffs.

Blouses are in asymmetrical-styled cotton. Wool jersey with short-fringed sleeves appear as do pure white, knee-length dresses layered with lightweight cotton voile or organza with meshed structure and casual draping in natural colours and fabrics from denim to silk; baby-doll and halter-style dresses in silk/satin blends with beaded, embroidered touches for sultry summer nights. Fur and lace arerepparttar 125554 key touches for flowing skirts with diagonal layers and cutout dresses with oversized shawl sleeves.

We’re seeing a combination of looks inspired by ‘Egyptian mysticism’ [rococo prints mixed with either Egyptian cotton or beige satin] andrepparttar 125555 glamour of Hollywood during its golden era with red and black satin dresses being very popular. Slim tops and skirts with circle and flower mohair embroideries; flowing silk chiffon skirts and a bolero jacket, both with confetti-like detailing and a sheer black silk chiffon wrap-up scarf op.

Designers are featuring both classic and street styling, offering tailored silk/wool palazzo pants and a short, fitted jacket, or unisex hip-hop looks using glowing fabrics for contrasting piping, pocket flaps and colour-blocked tanks. Very popular are acid-frayed denim skirts, furry mini-vests, patchwork denim pants, triple-belt dresses and knitted halter tops with long fringes.

There is also a turn-of-the century style for everyday wear,repparttar 125556 austere and casual style of peasants and pioneers. A masculine influence, harking back torepparttar 125557 pioneers of grandparents' days, was paired with a Wild West look, with gaucho-style divided skirts.

Ultra-sexy, slim and low-waist pants came in all sorts of colourful styles— red herringbone and corduroy, blue plaid, stripes—with Western-style leather and lace-up trims. Tops also come trimmed in leather but varied in style from black or printed kimono-styled numbers to tanks to a denim jacket that screams rock 'n' roll.

The popular colours are shades of brown, slate blue, sepia, beige and prints, with black seen everywhere. In style isrepparttar 125558 look of an old-fashioned trousseau or vintage neo-hippie bohemian dress; layered skirts of lace and chiffon matched with simple knit tops and bodysuits adorned with lace trim; Liberty florals with faded colours; and floral patterns in a multi-coloured patchwork pattern or antique-look camisole, cotton petticoat [short or long] with broderie Anglaise, narrow pleats and horizontal tucks, or lace blouses in faded pastel shades, as if found in old trunks. The "used" and "washed" looks are currently popular.

‘In’ are Kimono-styled shiny dresses in an asymmetrical cut; ribbon-style hemmed gowns; feminine looks with micro-mini denim skirts; pink plaid strapless tops; fringed dresses; acid-frayed denim skirts; furry mini-vests; patchwork denim pants; low-rider jeans; stretch fabric dress shirts in a variety of colours; triple-belt dresses; legwarmers made from jacket sleeves, in leather and suede; plush sweaters; calf-length coats and shearling maxi coats.

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