10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business!

Written by BB Lee

10 Things You Will Hate About A Home Based Business by BB Lee (C)2004

Every year thousands of Americans share one very common objective: Starting A Home Based Business!

Although starting a home based business excitesrepparttar imagination: A few caveats exist!

Lets get started withrepparttar 116964 countdown!

1. Take Me Seriously...Please! That's Right! The minute you start your home based business friends and family will not getrepparttar 116965 message! Especially if you are in your PJ's sipping coffee while slumped over your computer keyboard most ofrepparttar 116966 day. They will not hesitate interrupting you during an important telephone call to a client or while you are working on an important report. Many will see your little business as just a hobby. Very frustrating!

2. You Gotta Have Friends/Neighbors. Friends and neighbors will ring you up to chat about your little "hobby" and will not understand why you are taking this new hobby (your business) so seriously. After all you gotta have time for your friends.

3. Isolation Working alone for eight or more hours per day can produce isolated feelings that have you climbing uprepparttar 116967 wall. You will certainly missrepparttar 116968 interaction with co-workers that makesrepparttar 116969 day move along faster.

4. Motivation Do you have an internal coach who keeps you on track to finish work assignments? Are yourepparttar 116970 type who can't wait to get up inrepparttar 116971 morning and get going! Think about it...if you lack drive and will power to push ahead your business will stall.

Want to Work from Home? Ever Given a Thought to Telecommuting?

Written by Vishal P. Rao

Copyright 2004, Vishal P. Rao

There are many mistaken definitions of what telecommuting means. The very name givesrepparttar impression of someone answering work telephone calls from home or typing furiously away at their computers.

Traditionally, telecommuting meant that an employee was linked from home to their company's computer network. But today telecommuting is much broader than that and really includes anyone who does even a portion of his or her work at home. This can includerepparttar 116963 computer or telephone workrepparttar 116964 name implies, but it can also mean researching, working on drawings, or performing other types of information analysis. Telecommuting really is as simple as a person working from somewhere outsiderepparttar 116965 office.

There is also a misconception among many of today's workers that you have to own a business to work from your home. This just isn't alwaysrepparttar 116966 case anymore. More and more people are able to perform their jobs from home. Now more than everrepparttar 116967 business world is realizingrepparttar 116968 variety of benefits telecommuting can have on companies and their personnel.

Exactly what arerepparttar 116969 benefits of telecommuting? Here are just a few:

1. Less time for commuting means more time withrepparttar 116970 family.

Even if a worker's commute is only 30 minutes each way, which isn't much in today's business world, not having to take this commute can add an extra 5 hours a week an employee can spend with his or her family. This is 5 hoursrepparttar 116971 employee wasn't previously working or doing personal things. Just 5 hours of dead time duringrepparttar 116972 week getting from one spot to another.

2. Telecommuting can also provide a person withrepparttar 116973 ability to handle personal appointments without having to take entire days off.

Employees can take an hour or two throughrepparttar 116974 day to go to doctor appointments or school conferences close to their homes and simply make uprepparttar 116975 time later inrepparttar 116976 day. This can equal higher productivity for employees.

3. Less commuting can reduce an employee's costs.

For many of today's employees,repparttar 116977 price of gas and car maintenance is onrepparttar 116978 rise. These costs associated with going torepparttar 116979 office can be greatly reduced by telecommuting even a couple of days a week. Many workers today even say they would take a job making a little less money if they had repparttar 116980 opportunity to telecommute. This can truly be a win-win situation forrepparttar 116981 employer and employee.

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