10 Successful Strategies To Site Promotion

Written by Rhonda White

Internet Marketing Tips for Moms

1. Generate Traffic. To generate a lot of traffic to your site and gain recognition, you need to promote in as many places as you possibly can. Do not throw all your advertising dollars in only one or two spots. Try to determine or askrepparttar amount of traffic they are generating. Sites generating huge traffic often require higher advertising rates. Be aware; however, that some sites requesting high advertising rates, may not necessarily be generating that much traffic. There are many sites out there that really offer a great deal and do not charge high rates. To generate more traffic find as many free places to advertise as you possibly can.

2. Targetrepparttar 141724 Right Market. Try to find sites that targetrepparttar 141725 type of audience you are marketing to. Example: Someone selling baby products should advertise at baby sites, mommy sites, networks, groups and forums where mommies hang out and visit frequently. Just because you may be a work-at-home mom doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to just advertising at "WAHM" sites. Place your focus mainly where your targeted market will be, but find all similar possibilities to target as well. Example: If you sell educational products to career-minded young people, you would want to focus where young people of this age visit frequently, but you can also search for a few places to network where moms may visit who have teens getting ready to graduate from high school.

3. Visit Mom Sites. Spend time visiting other sites by moms and see where they are advertising. If they are displaying a banner on their site referring to some directory or networking site this gives you a clue that they may have exchanged links or listed in their directory for free in exchange for displaying their banner. Exchanging links with websites of similar content and products as yours will help with your search engine rankings and once again target your market. While you are visiting other sites by moms, be sure to sign their guest book while you are there. Many guest books allow you to add your website's url.

4. Userepparttar 141726 Search Engines. Use Google and Yahoo and do a search for "Free Advertising", "List your URL", "Add your URL", "Add your Site", "Free Site Promotion", etc. Also include keywords you use for marketing your site. Just be cautious before spending money with any new sites you haven't heard of before. You will probably be surprised at how many sites you find that still offer free advertising.

5. Go Local. There is a HUGE competition going on all overrepparttar 141727 internet especially for those who are promoting websites with direct sales. "Local" is gaining popularity...and for a good reason. If I decided to start buying Avon, for example, I would probably prefer to buy from someone locally. Userepparttar 141728 search engines to do a search for free classified ads in your city and nearby locations. See if you can find any local networks, groups, forums, portals, directories, etc.

SEO - What You Should Not Do

Written by Endar WS

SEO is one ofrepparttar economic ways to get your url listed onrepparttar 141723 top of free search engines. That is why SEO become so important. There are tons of guidance in SEO onrepparttar 141724 internet. But inrepparttar 141725 other hand, there are also misguidance in SEO. They always say to optimize, optimize and optimize your web page with keywords, without considering another factors like determining keywords or phrases keywords effectiveness, how many times you should repeating keywords on your page, etc. What I want to tell you is, that's not enough. If you want to get effective search engine optimization, then avoid these mistakes:

1) Using wrong keywords. What I mean with wrong keywords are using certain keywords or phases that have no effectiveness in value. Using these kind of keywords will bring you thousands of competitors (not visitors) and make your site stink.

2) Keyword density exceed than 5%. It is true that to getrepparttar 141726 top on search engines, you need to repeat keywords several times on your page. But, too much repeating keywords on your page will make your site being penalties, since search engines assume it as spam. Just followrepparttar 141727 thumb rule: keyword density may not exceed than 5%. This isrepparttar 141728 safe way to get your url listed on search engines. If you have any difficulties about this, simply, dividerepparttar 141729 keyword withrepparttar 141730 numbers of total words. Multiplyrepparttar 141731 result with 100%. Now you got it.

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