10 Steps to Success in Your Home Based Business

Written by Sue Sanders

Need help getting your Home Based Business on track? Are you feeling that you got lost alongrepparttar way, and canít find your way back? Iíve been there. Here are 10 Steps to Success in starting or restarting your Home Based Business.

1.What is your WHY for doing this business? Write it down, speak it out loud to yourself, and remind yourself of it EVERYDAY.

2.What are your goals and dreams, personal and financial, and how soon do you want to achieve them? Write them down, first personal, then financial. Put them up on your refrigerator, or somewhere you will see them everyday. Adjust them as needed alongrepparttar 117208 way to success.

3.Create a 90 day chart for your 90 DAY PLAN of action, with your forms of advertisement, whether talking to people, putting out flyers, ads, etc. How many people do you plan to talk to a day, how many flyers, ads, etc. per day; write it down for each day on your 90 DAY PLAN. Also, write down your financial goal for these 90 days.

4.In a daily planner, plan your day in 15 minute increments for each day, including your advertising inrepparttar 117209 days as plotted on your 90 DAY PLAN. Do not deviate from your plan unless in an emergency situation. You are YOUR OWN BOSS, so treat yourself as your own employee. DO THE JOB AS YOU WOULD FOR SOMEONE ELSE, only better.

5.Each day on your 90 DAY PLAN chart, jot down your progress (how many people you actually talked to, 10/day suggested, ads & flyers put out, etc), and how many people responded, how many were contacted, how many& how much sales per each form of advertisement.

6.Atrepparttar 117210 end of your 90 DAY PLAN, divide how many sales were made byrepparttar 117211 number of each form of advertising done. Now, did you meet your quota set for your advertising and financial goals? If not, begin a new 90 DAY PLAN of action, increasing each form of advertising . EXAMPLE: Goal $1000.00 profit, for 100 flyers put out, $50.00received; need to increase number of flyers to 2000 to reachrepparttar 117212 goal of $1000.00.($1000 ł $50.00 = 20X100=2000)

How To Be An Infopreneur

Written by Albin Dittli

Remember when you were young and knew something that your brother or sister really wanted to know. Perhaps it was help with homework, or something you knew about one of their friends. They kept trying to get you to tell them. Finally you told them that you would tell them if they gave you a candy bar. You gotrepparttar candy bar and they gotrepparttar 117207 information that you knew. At that point you became an infopreneur.

An infopreneur is someone that sells information. The information can be inrepparttar 117208 form of a book, article, ebook, software, CD, or video. There is no limit onrepparttar 117209 type of information you could be selling. It could be grandma's favorite Thanksgiving cranberry bread recipe. It could be a story. It could be information to help someone to be successful in business, or to save time, or to have a better life. Your resourcefulness and imagination are your limitations.

Of course, you can be an infopreneur on line or off line. Lets limit ourselves in this discussion to selling information online. In doing so we will limitrepparttar 117210 information format to something that can be delivered electronically, such as software, ebooks, video files, and audio files.

There are four main sources that you can use to get information products to sell online.

You can create your own product. Probablyrepparttar 117211 easiest to do is to write an ebook. You can do this on a word processor then generate it using a PDF generator. This will allow people to read it with a free adobe acrobat reader. There are several good free or low cost PDF generators available. If you are a programmer you can write a software program.

The advantage of creating your own product is that it is yours. You own it and control it. You can continue to make money with it for a long time. You can later modify it and sell upgrades to your original customers. The disadvantage is that it takes time to createrepparttar 117212 product. A software program can take an especially long time to create and test.

The second method is related torepparttar 117213 first. It is to find someone that has already created a product, but is not marketing it. Perhaps they don't have time or don't know how to market it. In this situation you could work out a joint venture with them where you receive rights to marketrepparttar 117214 products and give them royalties. These deals are not always easy to find, however when you do find one it can be very rewarding.

The third method is to become an affiliate. There are thousands of affiliate programs onrepparttar 117215 Internet. There are several thousand available throughrepparttar 117216 ClickBank marketplace. If you use any start page exchanges you will soon find many others. The trick is to choose a good program. Commission rates can very from 10% to 75%. The products can vary from mediocre to excellent.

The advantage of an affiliate program is that you can be up and running with it in just a few minutes. Most give you a site to promote. Many give you banners and pre-written ads to help you.

Most affiliate programs are free to join, so you are getting a product to sell at no cost.

The fourth way to obtain information products to sell is to buy resell rights to a product. This could be costly. It can also be very profitable.

Often when you buy resell rights you are givenrepparttar 117217 code for a sales page forrepparttar 117218 product. If you already have a domain you can park this new site there, otherwise you can use one ofrepparttar 117219 many free hosting services. You are at liberty to changerepparttar 117220 sales web site in any way you want. You can make it look different fromrepparttar 117221 web sites of allrepparttar 117222 other people that bought resell rights. Make it unique and add your personality to it.

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