10 Steps To Clear Thinking

Written by Steve Gillman

Does your mind sometimes feel like a television station you can't quite tune in? You know there's an interesting program on - or several, but everything is mixed with static. What if you could "tune in" at will, have clear thinking whenever you want it? Try some ofrepparttar following.

Ten Clear Thinking Techniques And Tips

1. Take a walk. Science will eventually prove this to be a great way to improverepparttar 142874 quality of your thinking, but don't wait forrepparttar 142875 proof. Aren't there enough other reasons to take a walk anyhow?

2. Stay away from sugar. If you want to understand what brain fog is, eat a sugary donut on an empty stomach, then do math problems twenty minutes later. What you will experience, along withrepparttar 142876 "sugar blues," is brain fog. At least lay off sugar and simple carbohydrates when you need to think clearly.

3. Organized space means clear thinking. It's rare that a person can actually work better in clutter. Organised working space means you won't haverepparttar 142877 thought "where is that..." distracting your mind.

4. Get better sleep. Sleep requirements vary, butrepparttar 142878 minimum for most is somewhere around five hours. Some suffer if they sleep less than eight hours. The research, however, indicates that after a certain minimum quantity,repparttar 142879 quality of sleep is more important to normal brain function.

5. Try meditating. No time? Just close your eyes, relax, and watch your breath for a while. Accept that your mind will wander, but continually return your attention to your breath. Five minutes of this, and afterwards you'll feel a boost in your brainpower.

Does Your Childhood Hold You Back?

Written by Jo Ball

Have you come to a point in your life and got stuck and unable to move on?

Ive been shocked recently to discover how many women and men have suffered one trauma or another during childhood, in particularrepparttar amount that have been through abuse.

The experience of abuse, at an age when it would be impossible to know how to handle it, is horrific, be it beatings, humiliation or sexual abuse. These experiences stay with many children, through their teens right into adulthood, bringing up insecurity, anxiety jealousy and even threatening or violent behaviour patterns throughout life.

And maybe its here that your life gets stuck. In day-to-day situations where you feel insecure, anxious, jealous or violent youll probably revert to a behaviour pattern that you learned in your childhood. When you use that to deal with a current issue this is what you do

You react withdrawing or lashing out even though you knowrepparttar 142812 current situation has nothing to do with what is happening now, and before you know it you have lost an opportunity.

Inrepparttar 142813 aftermath regret and depression set in. You might ask why this happens to you and why life is such a mess and why, every time things seem to get better something comes along and stops you from progressing. Within it all you might even be searching forrepparttar 142814 meaning and point of life.

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