10 Steps To Bigger Affiliate Commissions!

Written by Chuck McCullough

If you're having trouble making money from affiliate programs, or are looking for ways to increase your existing income from them, here is a quick list to get you going:

1. Learn how to PRE-sell your visitors instead of hard-selling them. Using this technique will put your visitors inrepparttar right frame of mind to visit repparttar 102529 merchant's website and have a look atrepparttar 102530 product offerings.

2. Focus on one or two products and put all of your your effort into promoting them. Your visitors aren't looking for a shopping mall, but rather a website that has great information on their area of interest.

3. Purchaserepparttar 102531 products you are promoting. This will enable you to know first-hand ifrepparttar 102532 product is of high-enough quality to deserve your efforts, and will give yourepparttar 102533 ability to provide an honest recommendation based on your own experience with repparttar 102534 product.

4. Create an email course and include your affiliate link in each email with a recommendation on how that product will help your visitors. You will need an autoresponder for this idea, and I recommend you use one of these: http://www.aweber.com http://www.getresponse.com http://www.autorespondercentral.com

5. Write articles and submit them to newsletter authors and article directories. You can either include a recommendation forrepparttar 102535 product withinrepparttar 102536 article, or atrepparttar 102537 end in your author's resource box.


Written by Darren Andrews

Okay, I'm an ideas guy. I'll admit it. My aim in this little article is to reveal to you some ideas that you've likely never heard before. Whether you are a program manager or an affiliate, or both, there should something of value below!

Idea #1 - Affiliate Link Rotation

IF you own an affiliate program then why not increaserepparttar incentive of your affiliates by placing *their* link on your site? I mean that your home page *is* hardcoded to their affiliate link!

All you'd need to do is set up a redirect on your index page with their affiliate link in it.

Why do this? Well, it will get you a whole bucket full more affiliates for one thing! Can you imagine how they will feel? "Wow, this merchant's going to credit me with all sales / sub-affiliates that come to his home page!"

There are two methods you could employ to rotate this, depending upon your traffic.

(a) If you get only a few sales you might offer your new affiliatesrepparttar 102528 opportunity to have their link remain active until they get a sale - a guarantee from you!

(b) If you have a high volume of sales then you may wish to allow only a certain time period (or, more fairly, a certain number of hits) for each affiliate link.

Of course, how easily you can do this will depend upon your affiliate software.

Idea #2 - Getting SubAffiliates

If you are an affiliate and want more sub-affiliates then you *must* offer an incentive to your subscribers / site visitors to join up under you.

Here's an example of how I did this. I set up a page on one of my sites (www.writers-and-publishers.com/earnmoney.html )

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