10 Stealthy Ways To Unearth Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Add a free interactive game to your web site. You could hire someone to create it. The game should be related torepparttar theme of your web site.

2. Train your employees as a team instead of just individuals. Everyone must do their job in order forrepparttar 117764 others do theirs.

3. Make people feel like it's their idea to buy, they will be less hesitant. Tell them in your ad "You're making a smart decision for buying our product".

4. Promote yourself as well as your products. Write articles, ebooks, reports, etc. When you endorse products, people will think your statement is credible.

5. Show your prospects a group of testimonials that stand up for your product. People are more likely to agree with a group than have a different opinion.

6. Maximize your advertising budget and don't go broke likerepparttar 117765 big web sites. All you need is a small group of loyal customers to sell back end products.

Stop Promoting Products...Start Promoting You!

Written by John Colanzi

Are you looking for that magical product that will make you rich?

Well you're looking inrepparttar wrong direction. It's notrepparttar 117763 product that's important. You arerepparttar 117764 key to your success.

You must build your reputation. You have to build your name recognition.

Think about that for a minute.

Do you buy products?

Maybe occasionally you'll buy a product, but once you've been online for any length of time, you stop buying products and start buying marketers.

You begin to develop a list of names you can trust.

You aren't looking atrepparttar 117765 product, you're looking for names of marketers you trust.

Marketers like Terry Dean, Allen Says, Ken Envoy, Marlon Sanders and others have developed a name that marketers trust.

Any time they develop a new product or endorse a product for someone else, they know they have a guaranteed response.

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