10 Spiritual Principles I Learned from the Yard Guru

Written by Nancy R. Fenn

The great guru in my life in recent years has been by yard. No ordinary yard, I live inrepparttar foothills east of San Diego, abutting onrepparttar 122366 true wasteland between here and Mexico, where scrub brush, poison oak and rattlesnakes would scare awayrepparttar 122367 most intrepid gardener. This is why I refer to working in my yard, rather than working in my garden. This yard of mine is 4 ofrepparttar 122368 toughest acres in this neck ofrepparttar 122369 woods and I'm proud to say I wrestle it all on my own.

In what I am pleased to call these my "battles against nature", I have been reaching higher levels of understanding aboutrepparttar 122370 Laws of Nature. There is nothing you know better than what you are fighting.

As a spiritual teacher, I know that every thing is in our lives to learn with and from. I would like to share some of my experiences with you in what I hope are colorful and dramatic illustrations from real life experiences withrepparttar 122371 Yard Guru.

1. Red Geraniums Teach Merepparttar 122372 Lesson of True Happiness In my years of casting about for flowers that will grow in this floral combat zone, I had many hopes and dreams. I was envisioning an English garden with a little drift into Monet. I’m a romantic. I wanted cut flowers for my great hall and wildflowers to greet my eyes as I looked overrepparttar 122373 dusty and barren hillside. I thought of William Randolph Hearst planting wild flowers on hills wherever his eye could see at Hearst Castle. Who wouldn’t do that, I thought, if they could afford it.

I live nearrepparttar 122374 best nursery for miles around. I got plants there. I ordered plants fromrepparttar 122375 Internet. I drove to anyplace anyone recommended. I tried everything and very few things grew. Nothing I had in mind seemed to like it out here.

There was one exception. The geraniums flourished. As a matter of fact,repparttar 122376 red geraniums had been here when I moved in. I just didn't acknowledge them. The geraniums are deep red and I don't like red. But …repparttar 122377 geraniums like it here and so finally I have accepted them and committed to them. I have welcomed them, thinned them, pruned them, fertilized them and planted cuttings from them that are now thriving all overrepparttar 122378 yard. I receive many compliments on my red geraniums. What I have learned is that sometimes in life, in fact most often in life, things happen while you are making other plans. The key to true happiness, as all ancient wisdom knows, is to choose what has chosen you.

2. The Butterfly Bush Teaches Me aboutrepparttar 122379 Laws of Attraction I grew up inrepparttar 122380 Midwest and I had nostalgic memories of rich black earth filled with earthworms, thick, lush grass and brilliant Monarch butterflies.

I have cactus and honeybee swarms instead. After I gotrepparttar 122381 ground cleared andrepparttar 122382 bee’s nest removed from my kitchen wall (they thought it was part of their tree), I started looking for butterflies. Every once in awhile I would see a small white butterfly but that was all.

I heard in passing that butterflies are attracted to certain types of plants. Sorry, but this was news to me. Atrepparttar 122383 nursery I asked “Do you have something called a Butterfly Bush?” It worked like a charm. Actually I got two bushes and pretty soon after that, a little drove of white butterflies arrived.

What a mathematical and predictable universe this is! If I want to attract butterflies into my yard, I find out what butterflies like (not what I think they should like but what they are known without a shadow of a doubt to like) and put it there. The butterflies come. Easy. One plus one equals two.

Let’s build out on this principle. Many women I read for want a husband. But they don’t bother to find out what kind of husband-attracting things they should put out inrepparttar 122384 yard. They want hot passionate nights, courtly romance, extravagant spending allowances and trips to exotic places. Passion dies, I say. What about cooking dinner? What will you offer him in exchange for these things you want? Heads shake. They get very impatient when I say these things. They don't realize I am trying to teach them aboutrepparttar 122385 Butterfly Bush.

3. The Morning Glories that Wouldn’t Go against their Own Natures. I didn't have much success with my morning glories, though I have seen them covering 50 feet of wall different places around town. Everyone atrepparttar 122386 nursery saidrepparttar 122387 same thing: "You never have trouble with morning glories. (shrug) They're just a glorified weed, you know."

I discovered whatrepparttar 122388 problem was. I had been insisting on putting them in places where they would have to trail rather than climb. Morning glories want to climb and if they can't climb they die.

The morning glories reminded me that you have to let someone or something be true to its own nature. This isrepparttar 122389 principle: don't use a fork to pound nails and don't ask someone for something they can’t readily give.

4. Being Whole It amazes most of my friends and sometimes I will admit it irks me, that I choose to do all my yard work myself but my Yard Guru has gotten quite a claim on me by now.

Instead of separating my life into “this” and “the gym”, moving my body, sweating, and “working out” are integrated into my life in a seamless way. I think this is what integrity is all about. All of me does all of these things. I am not compartmentalized. I am not two different people.

The added benefit is that I’m in very good shape for 58 years old. When I get grouchy, I remind myself that some people my age are not so lucky as to be able to do this kind of hard work.

5. The Underground River -- Use it or Lose It We have a well out here and there is always threat of drought in Southern California. For many years I have sweated outrepparttar 122390 last two months ofrepparttar 122391 dry season, wondering if my well would run dry as some of them out here do.

A couple of years ago my daughter married a young man from Morocco who is a Sufi, those wonderfully centered mystical people who are so easy for someone inrepparttar 122392 New Age to relate to. When September came, I began my propaganda about conserving water. My son-in-law looked inrepparttar 122393 well and said, “It’s a river, running under ground. You won’t run out of water but if you don’t use it you have lost it.”

I was quite shocked to hear this. It reminded me ofrepparttar 122394 River of Life and I made a resolution to use every moment of my life and not miss a minute! Like this underground river, time does not stand still either.

The Manifestation Delay

Written by Stephanie Yeh

One ofrepparttar crucial points that people often overlook isrepparttar 122365 delay between thoughts/feelings and actual manifestation. There is a period of delay between what you are thinking and feeling, and what is manifesting. The life you are living today is actuallyrepparttar 122366 result of thoughts and feelings that you had yesterday, last week, last month, last year or even last lifetime. Your physical reality is always one step behind your mental and emotional processes.

So what implications does this have for your manifestation? It means that if you’re working on manifesting something in your life, you shouldn’t look to your current physical reality as an accurate gauge of how well you are doing. Your current reality can only show you how well you have done inrepparttar 122367 past.

If you look at your current reality and find it displeasing, don’t try to do anything to change it. It’s justrepparttar 122368 end result of your earlier manifestation efforts. When you take steps to physically change your reality, you’re not really affecting your future – only your past.

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