10 Special Tips for Your Romantic Getaways

Written by Yochention Saritoh

Taking a break by going for romantic getaways with your loved one is a precious moment. So allrepparttar things needed forrepparttar 147495 trips has to be prepared carefully especially when you travel abroad. Each country has its own requirement for visitors to visitrepparttar 147496 country. Here arerepparttar 147497 tips for preparing your romantic getaways that really could help you especially when it is your first time to travel abroad:

1. Research romantic getaways places Researchrepparttar 147498 romantic getaways places or honeymoon places that you want to go. You should discuss places to go for your romantic getaways with your partner to make sure that both of you will enjoyrepparttar 147499 trip. Discussrepparttar 147500 budget that you both have in order to pickrepparttar 147501 best place to enjoy your honeymoon or romantic getaways withinrepparttar 147502 budget.

2. Checkrepparttar 147503 weather When you travel torepparttar 147504 tropical country, actually any time ofrepparttar 147505 year is perfect becauserepparttar 147506 tropical countries mostly have a stable weather all year long. The weather inrepparttar 147507 tropical countries is mostly warm and humid. When you want to travel to any four-season countries, you should checkrepparttar 147508 weather onrepparttar 147509 country. Also, you need to checkrepparttar 147510 weather ofrepparttar 147511 time when you visitrepparttar 147512 country so that it will help you to decide either to bring thick clothes, t-shirts, short-pants or tank-tops.

3. Credit Card Frequent Flyer Program Check whether your credit card has a frequent flyer program so you could get a discount or points for traveling. You could save a lot if you have a frequent flyer program credit card which eventually will grant you a free ticket after you reach a certain points. Especially if you are a frequent traveler or your job requires you to travel a lot then you definitely need to have that kind of credit card.

4. Book an airline ticket There are a lot of airfare deals out there for you to choose. Usuallyrepparttar 147513 deals that most airlines offer are for a short time only, so whenever you are sure about your destination then you need to book it right a way. The other thing aboutrepparttar 147514 online travel deal is that you have to make sure thatrepparttar 147515 date andrepparttar 147516 time of travel before you purchaserepparttar 147517 ticket because most ofrepparttar 147518 good deals are usually non-refundable.

San Francisco Travel - Discover the Mission District's Murals

Written by Jed Clark

With over 600 murals, San Francisco streets are a parade of vibrant and radiant murals that are painted on building walls and facades, fences, garage doors and more. The colorful Mission District isrepparttar epicenter of San Francisco murals withrepparttar 147369 greatest concentration of murals in San Francisco. The San Francisco Mission neighborhood's love affair with murals stems fromrepparttar 147370 Mexican roots ofrepparttar 147371 Mission District community. The Latino community began to move into inrepparttar 147372 Mission neighborhood inrepparttar 147373 1950s and 60s. Early inrepparttar 147374 1970s, resident muralists started followingrepparttar 147375 traditions ofrepparttar 147376 great muralists ofrepparttar 147377 1920s and 30s, perhapsrepparttar 147378 most famous of which was Diego Rivera. Discoveringrepparttar 147379 murals ofrepparttar 147380 San Francisco Mission District is discoveringrepparttar 147381 hopes and passions, joys and tribulations ofrepparttar 147382 people. The Precita Eyes Mural Arts and Visitors Center (located at 2981 24th Street) is a great place to begin your exploration ofrepparttar 147383 murals inrepparttar 147384 San Francisco Mission neighborhood. The Precita Eyes visitors center offers three guided mural tours on Saturday and Sunday for between $10 and $12 for an adult. You can arrange private group mural tours in advance. In addition,repparttar 147385 Precita Eyes Visitors Center has a Mission mural map of nearly 90 murals that you can use to explorerepparttar 147386 neighborhood on your own. At Precita Eyes, you can purchase mural-themed items, such as post cards, candles, posters and books. Precita Eyes also sells mural arts supplies in case your are inspired to paint your own personal mural on your living room wall. For more information, contact Precita Eyes at http://www.precitaeyes.org/ or (415) 285-2287. Located a block from Precita Eyes between Treat Avenue and Harrison Street, Balmy Alley has a concentration of more than 30 vivid murals painted on fences, building walls and garage doors. Inrepparttar 147387 neighborhood densely packed with murals, Balmy Alley is atrepparttar 147388 center of it all. Muralists began working in San Francisco's Balmy Alley as early as 1971. Many ofrepparttar 147389 original murals are still there as well as many murals that have been painted overrepparttar 147390 intervening years. The Balmy Alley murals are very diverse both stylistically and inrepparttar 147391 subject matter. Some ofrepparttar 147392 murals feature cartoon-like illustrations that playful and juvenile. Other murals along Balmy Alley grapple with difficult subjects, such as a memorial to people who have died from AIDS or depictions of political strife and war in Latin America. Another mural honorsrepparttar 147393 great muralist Diego Rivera and his wife,repparttar 147394 painter Frida Kahlo. And another is a tribute to women muralists ofrepparttar 147395 Mission District. One colorless mural, depicts two men and a woman jumping through a barbed-wire fence lined with keys. The woman has her hand held high, makingrepparttar 147396 peace sign.

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