10 Simple Ways To Expand Your Subscriber List

Written by Catherine Franz

Here are 10 ways to expand your subscriber list:

1. Keep your subscription form easy to find on every web page. Preferably, add it on your navigational bar. Ifrepparttar form is to large forrepparttar 134254 bar or page, add a hyperlink and send them to a popup or a separate page so thatrepparttar 134255 previous page on your site doesn't disappear. It is easy for them to return.

2. Not only mustrepparttar 134256 form be easy to see, it also needs to be easy to read. Label each field. I've seen a few where I didn't know what to enter. Be kind to computer readers suffering from dry eyes, makerepparttar 134257 font large and easy to read.

3. Do you write your own ezine articles? Add a "please subscribe here line to your byline. Beginrepparttar 134258 line with a benefit they get from subscribing and then add a few invitational words along with a URL hyperlink. Example: "Learn more about this topic. Subscribe to [name of your ezine] by visiting...."

4. Generally, people are impulse buyers. So, give them that impulse. Give away a free ebook. Instead of letting them see thatrepparttar 134259 ebook is free. Regularly charge forrepparttar 134260 eBook. Six dollars is a good price, just explain them that it is a limited special offer.

They will perceive it even more valuable when there is a price connected to it. An example ofrepparttar 134261 wording could go like, "Normally this ebook sells for $6 at [your web site URL or even a middle man ebook site]." Always give them a reason why you are giving it to them free. Makerepparttar 134262 reason believable.

5. Do you belong to networking groups, or attend other events? Invite everyone you meet if they would like to register for your ezine. Give them a story aboutrepparttar 134263 free, but not so free, ebook offer. Always, make this offer limited. In fact, have a list of these free but-not-free ebooks, written either by you, affiliates, or from resale right products. Move them around. Put one onrepparttar 134264 calendar for January through December and then repeat themrepparttar 134265 next year. Then inrepparttar 134266 third year, change it. Also, share with them how easy it is to opt-out if they don't likerepparttar 134267 ezine and they can keeprepparttar 134268 ebook.

6. Don't stop at networking groups, contact trade or professional organizations you do or don't belong to that have a high percentage of your type of readers. Ask forrepparttar 134269 membership list. Look forrepparttar 134270 people you have identified as your gatekeepers (people that know lots of others in your target market). For accountants, it's lawyers and bankers. Call them and introduce yourself. Ask if they could recommend your ezine to a few of their friends. You can also attend their networking events and ask, ask, ask.

Creating and Perfecting Your Online Newsletter

Written by Matt Russ

A newsletter is a powerful tool for promoting your business and communicating with your customers. I have foundrepparttar following guidelines will help get your newsletter read, and maybe even spread.

•Make it appealing. At first glancerepparttar 134253 reader will make a decision about your business. Is your newsletter professional and well done, or does it look like something that was thrown together? I pay a monthly fee for online software. I have found it helps me put my newsletter together quickly, easily, and it looks professional. I can also track how many people read my newsletter, exactly who has opened each article, and what articles and features are most popular. •Add an "opt in" box to your website and a forward feature. Every month since I have added these features my list has grown. Do not automatically sign up visitors to your website. This is considered spamming and may end up angering them. •Have a theme. Instead of throwing a bunch of articles together I try to have a theme each month such as "the aging athlete" or "building your base." •Keep it brief. No more than 3-4 featured articles. Most people will quickly scanrepparttar 134254 contents to see if there is something that interests them. I putrepparttar 134255 table of contents right afterrepparttar 134256 opening paragraph. Do not expect your reader to scroll down. You have to grab their attention inrepparttar 134257 first few inches.

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