10 Secrets to Get Your Press Release Noticed

Written by Shannon Cherry

Itís difficult enough runningrepparttar day-to-day aspects of a business, let alone trying to drum up new business as you go. But according to Shannon Cherry, APR, even if you have additional staff helping to getrepparttar 124428 word out about your products and services, location and prices, delivery and sales support, news releases can make your company grow faster.

ďA news release is sent to editors and journalists in order to generate a news story inrepparttar 124429 media,Ē says Cherry, president of Cherry Communications which helps businesses, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations to be heard through marketing communications. ďItís one ofrepparttar 124430 easiest and cost-effective ways to get your message out there. If a reporter decides to run your release, your business receives space for free - and more credibility than just running an ad.Ē

Cherry explains that itís critical in todayís business world to be seen, a key element in any business plan. She shares her top ten secrets to getting a news release noticed:

1) Your press release should sound like news, not an ad. You need to make sure your news is newsworthy, so start thinking like a reporter.

2) You should only send your press release torepparttar 124431 media related torepparttar 124432 topic of your press release. Donít just sendrepparttar 124433 press release to every reporter you can find.

Home Biz Publicity With 100% Auto Tax Deduction!

Written by Dawn Roberts

When it comes time to do your taxes, isn't it nice that you can write off a portion of your auto expenses for your home business!

Would you like to know how you can write off ALL of your vehicle expenses? Would you like to know how to do that while, atrepparttar same time, advertising your home business?

I've got a wonderful secret to share with you! If you advertise on your vehicle, you can write off all of its expenses!

Firstly, think aboutrepparttar 124427 reach of your advertising. Even when your car is parked, people are reading your ad. While you're doing your grocery shopping, at your kids' sports games, running torepparttar 124428 bank - whenever you're driving or parked somewhere, people are reading about your home business! That's better than any other paid advertising!

Best of all, it's easy and inexpensive to do. The hardest part is choosing a good tag line. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Work from home!
  • Working from home and loving it!
  • It doesn't take a fortune to make a fortune!
  • I'm a work at home Mom - ask me how you can dorepparttar 124429 same.
  • I'm financially free - ask me how you can be too.
  • Do you haverepparttar 124430 time? I do. I work from home!
  • I fired my boss! I work from home.
  • Fire your boss and work from home!
  • I work from home with my child on my lap!
  • I'm working where I'm needed most - at home!
  • Loserepparttar 124431 job stress - work from home!

Those are just a few to help get your mind going. Use one of those or think of your own. Just make sure you try to address a need in others that your home business can fulfill. Once you get going with it, it's really not all that difficult to come up with something catchy.

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