10 Secrets For Copy That Sells

Written by Grady Smith

Are you wasting your money by brining visitors to a sales offer that just doesn’t convert? Here’s how to pull more sales and put more money in your pocket by using these simple secrets for hard-hitting copy.

1) SELL THE BENEFITS: Forget about trying to explain your product. Instead, giverepparttar customer what they want to hear. When selling a computer monitor, you could say, “Big 19 inch screen”.

But that’s explaining your product. Try something that givesrepparttar 127374 reader its strongest benefit, like “19 inch screen reduces eye strain and provides a comfortable working environment for you”.

2) DEFINE YOUR LETTERS PURPOSE: Are you writing to entertain or sale. Are you looking to pull a response or do you want people to enter their credit card information. Define your specific goal before you get started, and work hard to lead your customers along your chosen path.

3) WRITE IN “EASY” WORDS: Hey, we’re not looking to win awards here. We want to make some money, right? Don’t try to wow readers with your use of vocabulary. Use words that even a child can grasp.

4) KNOW EVERY BENEFIT: Before you even start, right down every single benefit that a customer will receive with your offer. Later, you can use these benefits for some hard-hitting bullets.

5) MAKE IT SHORT: While your letter doesn’t need to be short, every sentence and paragraph should be tightly focused and broken up into small, easy to chew on pieces.

Just the Facts - A Golden Age Gold Mine

Written by Gary Onks

* Every 7 Seconds someone in America turns 50 * Spend almost $2 Trillion on goods & services each year * 43% of all new cars are purchased by seniors * Account for over 40% of total consumer demand * Seniors average $24,000 in annual disposable income * 50+ age group isrepparttar fastest growing population segment * Most seniors open allrepparttar 127373 direct mail they receive * Spend $14 Billion yearly on grandchildrens gifts * Control over 48% of all discretionary purchases that occur * Seniors arerepparttar 127374 most affluent consumer group that exists * 30% more likely to purchase online than younger users * Per Capita income is 28% higher than other groups * Over 78 Million adults are pastrepparttar 127375 age of 50 * 60% purchase home remodeling products & services * Women over 50 spend $21 Billion on clothes annually * Seniors own over 80% of all money in savings accounts * 79% of America's financial assets are owned by seniors * Folks over 50 Dine out 4-5 times per week * Account for over 79% of all leisure travel spending

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