10 Rocket-Propelled Ways To Ignite Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Create an email discussion list. The list should be related to your web site's subject. Place your ad on all posts and it will remind people to visit your site.

2. Prove your product is a bargain. Add a lot of free stuff to your offer or, if you've soldrepparttar product for a higher price before, show themrepparttar 125117 difference.

3. Make your web site more useful. Sell ad space, generate hot leads, answer visitor questions, offer free content, be news friendly, etc.

4. Makerepparttar 125118 most of each visitor. Sometimes your price is to high. You should provide a variety of similar products at different price ranges.

5. Test and redesign your banner ads till you get your desired click through rate. Once you do, join many banner exchanges and buy ad space.

Networking for Beginners

Written by William /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

Into every life some rain must fall and accordingly into every successful business arena some networking must occur. I can hear some of you out there already saying, "My business is doing great and I don't Network"!

Whether you realize it or not, you probably network almost every day of your life to one extent orrepparttar other. It could be handing out your business card, mentioning your company or web site, or just talking about your work in passing to friends or associates.

Some of us are a bit more proactive about networking and I'm sure every owner has his or her own plan and procedures that they follow. This is good. Consistency in almost everything is admirable, but in networking it is crucial.

For those of you breaking into business and still trying to get a hold on everything, here are a few steps to think about and maybe, just maybe help you downrepparttar 125116 "networking road of life".

Make a List.

This list should be of every person who would have a good opinion of your product or service. Include anyone you have ever done business with that could be "potential customers". Friends, your family's friends, groups, organizations and yes even your relatives. This is what you would call your "A" List.

Now, you will also want to recruit new potential clients to your network. There are many ways to gather new potential clients depending on many circumstances, such as your business, budget, media availability, time investment and so much more. You will always need to be creative and hardworking when it comes to getting new names in your network list. This first-timer's list will be your "B" list.

What to Send?

You must then decide what information you want to give them and what you want from them. Be sure that you give them some information about your company (background),repparttar 125117 product (how it will benefit them),repparttar 125118 promotion or offer (main reason for your contact) and don't forgetrepparttar 125119 most important; let them know what to do to repsond to your contact.

Qualified Prospects:

A "qualified prospect" has already openedrepparttar 125120 door for probable sales. This prospect "SHOULD NOT" be included in your normal network (A & B Lists). You can afford to; and I might add, they deserve to be contacted in a more personal manner.

How Ya Doin?

Don't waste your time, money and network resources sending out messages to your network, saying nothing more thanrepparttar 125121 basic, "We're Here, We're Open, We in Business, Here's our Number". Save your network contacts for special events. Special Offers, Workshops, Discount Coupons, Etc.

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