10 Reasons to Appreciate Teachers

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Psychology, Emotional Intelligence Coach

For National Teacher Appreciation Week, and every other week ofrepparttar year, here are ten reasons why I appreciate certain teachers I had.

If you appreciate a teacher, let him or her know!

1. Mr. Thompson, my first-year Latin teacher.

He taught me to question! To use my brain and not allow myself to be spoon-fed. He told us verbs were conjugated one way on Monday, and then introducedrepparttar 109370 other way on Tuesday, saying, "And now you're saying, 'My teacher has lied to me.' Well, they do!" It kept me on my toes, so to speak, and brought me intorepparttar 109371 real world whererepparttar 109372 rules don't always apply and tricky things can happen.

2. Dr. Drake, my third-year Latin teacher.

Taught me how much I respect someone who stands for something and enforces it. The students had been picking on a girl I'll call Clara. Dr. Drake sent her from class one day on an errand, and gave us a lecture about how people were going to be treated in her classroom. I can still see her pacingrepparttar 109373 floor, making her point. Things changed for Clara after that ... and for me.

3. Mrs. English, my high school English teacher.

She cared enough to notice I was goofing off and called me on it, teaching me to respect myself. She refused to acceptrepparttar 109374 half-a**** paper I had turned in, saying it was nowhere near what I was capable of producing, and told me to do it over.

4. Dr. Harriet Sheridan, college professor who taught me Principles of Teaching.

Dr. Sheridan gave me a role model for how a woman can live a balanced life. Atrepparttar 109375 time, few women were working outsiderepparttar 109376 home. She had a Ph.D. and taught full-time atrepparttar 109377 college, and also had 2 children. She invited us to her home often enough for me to see she was excellent at both.

5. Dr. Owen Jenkins, college English professor.

Taught me how to reason. And also that when you have self-confidence you can be warm and funny. Brilliant, he was also very funny. He taughtrepparttar 109378 senior Logic Seminar. No quarters!

Be serious with your child future

Written by Madhur.G.Bajaj

As a parent your biggest responsibility is to prepare your child forrepparttar future , physically emotionally and mentally. The first big Intellectual Challenge your child will face isrepparttar 109369 Entrance Test for KG and later forrepparttar 109370 First Standard . Every parent will feel anxious. We know that a child is born with a million of brain cells called Neurons and they form connection to each other called synapses. You can makerepparttar 109371 synapses strong by providing your child with a variety of Input & Experiences. If this is not provided at an early age we lose an important learning opportunity. The early years are most important. Children who are well prepared at home are more confident, enthusiastic, and involved at school. Children who have not received these vital inputs tend to be more withdrawn and less involved. Children are natural learners. They need to be stimulated with a wide variety of inputs.

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