10 Reasons To START (anything!) Today

Written by Kathy Gates

1. You'll stop kidding yourself that tomorrow will ever come. The Present is all you have. 2. You can only affect tomorrow by what you do today. 3. Because you can! 4. If not now, when? 5. You're not getting any younger. 6. Nothing will change if you don't 7. The sooner you start,repparttar sooner, you'll finish.

Life In The Comic Zone

Written by Stephanie West Allen

Loosen Up, Lighten Up, or LULU, for short. Letís look atrepparttar remarkable, extraordinary, amazing LULU.

Loose Mind: Ticket To Dreams

A person inrepparttar 123909 Comic Zone has a fresh, loosened mind. Themind ofrepparttar 123910 person inrepparttar 123911 Drama Zone is inflexible, fixed, and rigid. It thinks in locked-in ways. Only a loose mind can supportrepparttar 123912 artistry and inventiveness of focusing on, and achieving, oneís wildest dreams.

The locked-in, rut-filled mind only leads to more of what we have had inrepparttar 123913 past. If you want to change what you have had inrepparttar 123914 past, that mind of yours needs to get loose. Unfetter your mind, untie it, release it, free it. Two surefire ways to do this: have a sense of humor, and question assumptions.

A Joking Matter

A key element of humor isrepparttar 123915 unexpected. Look at jokes. Jokes are often based on reversal. Reversal is an unexpected shift inrepparttar 123916 point of view ofrepparttar 123917 person hearingrepparttar 123918 joke. The listener is led down a path byrepparttar 123919 person tellingrepparttar 123920 joke and then all of a suddenrepparttar 123921 joke switches directions -- usually bringing about laughter.


A Garry Shandling joke: I sold my house this week. I thought I got a good price for it -- but it made my landlord mad as hell.

A Woody Allen joke: I divorced my first wife because she was so immature. Iíd be inrepparttar 123922 tub taking a bath and she would walk in whenever she felt like it and sink my boats.

More? Go to: http://www.romwell.com/humor/Comedians.htm

You're going one way and all of a sudden you're somewhere else. Your mind has to jump offrepparttar 123923 path you thought you were following to getrepparttar 123924 joke and laugh. The unexpected has occurred andrepparttar 123925 humor depends onrepparttar 123926 unexpected.

Sometimes we are going along one way and quite unexpectedly life takes another direction. A sense of humor helps you to laugh at unexpected turns in jokes and life.

Another way of creating humor is to juxtapose opposites. Recallrepparttar 123927 movie The Odd Couple; Felix and Oscar were certainly opposites and did they make us laugh. Humor comes withrepparttar 123928 contrast andrepparttar 123929 difference.

So often, we come upon people in our life who are very different from us. A person with a sense of humor smiles and appreciatesrepparttar 123930 differences.

A sense of humor allows people to think more expansively; and to associate more freely, both in relationships between ideas and between people.

Let No Assumption Go Unquestioned

Questioning assumptions is another way to loosen uprepparttar 123931 mind. Questioning assumptions gives us more options for behavior and thought because we examinerepparttar 123932 assumptions and see them for what they are.

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