10 Quick Ways To Start A Business!

Written by BB Lee

10 Quick Ways To Start A Business! by BB Lee (C)2004

Are you thinking about starting a home based business?

Great! Now, isrepparttar time to stop daydreaming about your plans.

Take hold of your future and realize that dream NOW!

The following are home based business ideas that do not require extensive background training, education, or start-up money.

What you will need is: Strong Determination. High Motivation. Hard Work.

Let's get started withrepparttar 116943 list.

1.Teach. That's right! Teach a course at your local community center, college, or you might consider setting up a work-shop in your home. Use that expert knowledge in fly fishing, golf, sewing, cooking, gardening, computers, accounting, writing, editing, to start a business fast!.

2. Write. Contact your local community paper and offer to write a weekly article on a subject you are very familiar with. One friend who is a herbalist contacted a local paper offering to write an article on spec. The editor was very impressed withrepparttar 116944 depth of her knowledge ( was clearly shown inrepparttar 116945 article) and hired her to write a weekly piece.

3. Ghost. Contact local businesses and offer to write riveting eye catching ads for their products or services. Many small businesses are not adept at writing good ad copy. These smaller companies surely requirerepparttar 116946 services of a good copy writer.

4. Tour Guide. If you live in a historic area with many interesting points that tourist would like to visit up close and personal you might consider starting a walking tour. Offer unusual historical tidbits they would not get fromrepparttar 116947 usual tour guides.

5. Secret Shopper. Secret Shopping is a good part time business for stay at home moms, students, retired folks, or just about anyone who wants to make an extra income. It's simple to get into this business and you can workrepparttar 116948 hours you want. Basically you will observerepparttar 116949 designated business and how they treat consumers. Then you will compile your findings into a written report and submit it to your companies district headquarters via email or regular mail. They will submit your findings torepparttar 116950 companies management for further evaluation. Click Below for further information on Secret Shopping Business. http://hop.clickbank.net/?xy123/shop4pay

Making Your Purpose Your Business, Step#2

Written by Heather J. Tait

Step#2 Getting From Point A to Point B

In my previous article, Step 1, we discussedrepparttar many responsibilities we have as mothers, wives, and business women. Your challenge forrepparttar 116942 month was to research where your passion lies. Based on your research you might have discovered that self investigation can lead us to two places; either we find out our answer or we realize we need to ask more questions to get that answer.

Finding your purpose takes great effort, but can be effortless all atrepparttar 116943 same time. It seems that once we begin pursuing that in which we were intended, everything falls into place. Butrepparttar 116944 matter we have to realize is that time plays a great role. Sometimes people are over night successes and others have to nurture their purpose for years to come. Keep in mind though, as long as you enjoy what it is you are pursuing andrepparttar 116945 motivation you have is strong, than that alone will sustain your ambition and provide your passion longevity.

Remember you are making a commitment to yourself. You should treat that commitmentrepparttar 116946 same way you would treat a marriage or devoted friendship. The key is to value yourselfrepparttar 116947 way you value others. Having a good attitude fromrepparttar 116948 very beginning can makerepparttar 116949 difference and not only affect your career, butrepparttar 116950 people around you. Self dedication does show andrepparttar 116951 commitment will be reflected in your professional life and relationships.

Assuming you now have a general idea of what you would like to do, now you need to visualize how to get from Point A, where you are now, to Point B, where you would like to be. Sometimes it is easier to set up a structure for your business if you look atrepparttar 116952 large picture of your purpose and where you intend to be inrepparttar 116953 future. Granted your ideas and goals change as you change, but your general purpose will usually remainrepparttar 116954 same, it just branches out.

Now that you have researched what you want to do, takerepparttar 116955 time to research what others in your area of interest have already done. Conducting market research will allow you to get a feel forrepparttar 116956 industry you are entering. Itís important to see what is out there. Look up trade journals and magazines. Really put some effort into getting involved with your career and learning about it. Every career has an abundant amount of resources available and a lot of that information is free. If you see a trade journal or magazine that you like, sign up for their newsletter. This will help keep you updated on industry events and trends.

Reading and researching can be one sided tasks. Sometimes it is easier to learn about your career by actually interacting with others inrepparttar 116957 field. This can be done on your own time instead of regular business hours thanks torepparttar 116958 internet. Now you can find chat groups, users groups, and forums and you are not limited by time zones or borders.

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