10 Quick Tips on How to Create, Distribute, and Profit

Written by Angela Wu

Free eBooks are a powerful viral marketing tool that can literally provide you with an entire network of people who promote your business, absolutely free. Here are a few quick tips on how to benefit from your free eBook ...

1. Provide Real Content.

This isrepparttar most basic tip, but it's vitally important. A simple "click" ofrepparttar 108547 mouse is all it takes for someone to delete your eBook. Don't offer a simple sales pitch; provide your reader with valuable information. This will both capture his interest and build your credibility. He'll be more inclined to view your other products if he likes what he sees -- and even better, he may refer other business to you.

2. Use What's Already Available.

Creating an eBook doesn't have to be a long, painful process. For example, you could put together a related group of articles and simply add a few comments or an introduction. Or if you get a lot of questions about a particular topic, pick some of them and put together an eBook that offersrepparttar 108548 answers to these questions.

3. Make Your eBook Attractive and Easy to Read.

eBooks are usually either in 'EXE' format or 'PDF' format. There are advantages and disadvantages to both formats, but regardless of what you choose, create a layout that's clean, attractive, and easy to navigate. Offer links torepparttar 108549 major sections of your book and to places onrepparttar 108550 web whererepparttar 108551 reader can find more information. Use graphics sparingly, though;repparttar 108552 more graphics you use,repparttar 108553 largerrepparttar 108554 file size (and thusrepparttar 108555 longer it will take to download).

4. Provide Links Back to Your Site and Products.

For example, you can:

= Put your website URL and logo onrepparttar 108556 cover page.

= Embed affiliate links withinrepparttar 108557 context of your articles, where appropriate.

= Write up a dedicated sales page atrepparttar 108558 end of your eBook to promote a related product.

= Refer to your own products and how it can helprepparttar 108559 reader. Keep it brief and use it only where appropriate; you don't want your eBook to sound like a sales pitch.

5. Encourage Your Reader to Pass It On.

Make it clear that your reader is welcome to distributerepparttar 108560 eBook, so long as nothing is changed. He can put it on his own website as a nice gift to his visitors, or offer it as a bonus when people subscribe to his newsletter. The more places your eBook appears,repparttar 108561 more free exposure you get.


Written by Dmitry Nanev

Many of you think thatrepparttar ebook is just digital information. You think that itís no other then just book which doesnít have any shipment costs, that itís developing price is zero. And you think that this is its purpose Ė zero cost?

If you were thinkig so Ė you were TOTALLY WRONG.

Amongrepparttar 108546 above factors,repparttar 108547 ebook is also something more. Just because itís digital product such as software it can be modified every second viarepparttar 108548 Net. Just think aboutrepparttar 108549 shareware software Ė 99% of it has banner ads atrepparttar 108550 top which changes in a matter of seconds. What if you add some advertising to your free ebook? Not only that youíll make traffic with it but youíll make some profits or may be youíll just exchange ads with other webmasters.

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